Magic: The Gathering and The Lord of the Rings are coming together for a crossover set, complete with a unique one-of-a-kind card. In keeping with the mythos of the novels, that card is The One Ring. And like the novels, everyone and their mother is scrambling after it – this month alone, the bounty has risen from $150,000 to $1 million, but as of today, it doubled to $2 million.

As reported by Dexerto, Spanish gaming store Gremio de Dregones announced that it’s offering two million euros for the card (around $2.1 million). They’re also offering to fly whoever gets the card out to Valencia, where they will pay for accommodation. Not only will the winner get a $2 million buyout, but a holiday to go with it.


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This wasn’t part of the deal with the $1 million bounty, but we did see something similar with NFL player Cassius Marsh Sr.’s initial lowball offer of $150,000. He was willing to fly the cardholder out to California to “show [them] a good time” and “make sure [they] get paid”. He upped this to $500,000 after backlash, but it was quickly rendered mute by TCG company Dave and Adam’s who put a $1 million hit on the card. Essentially, we’re watching an international bidding war between rich collectors. Given that MTG only printed a single copy of The One Ring, that’s not surprising. Scalpers and collectors spend plenty as is.

Magic: The Gathering $2 million bounty for The One Ring card held by WPN

Gremio de Dregones’ offer is only available for a limited time and it stresses that the card must be in good condition. It should go without saying that if you are the lucky one who draws the card, you’ll want to be extremely careful with it. Don’t put your coffee mug on top of it, try not to bend it (or blend it), and definitely don’t leave it in your pocket and destroy it in the washing machine. Common sense, really. Oh, and don’t open it in public.

The set itself releases on June 23, so there’s not long left before The One Ring is out in the wild. It’s unlikely that the bounty will stop at $2 million even before then, but when it’s out, we could see that number jump as collectors scramble to win the holder’s favour. It’s essentially a lottery ticket, or the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Only, instead of visiting a magical chocolate emporium, you get flown out to Valencia to win $2 million.

If you want to be in with the chance, the card will be in the Collector Boosters. Just don’t go spending too much on them – odds are, you won’t get it, and you’ll have lost a bunch of cash in the process.

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