There are several side quests in Tears of the Kingdom that involve taming rare horses. However, most of these quests won’t be unlocked until players have made some progress in their playthrough. The side quest “Spotting Spot” is one that can be started fairly early and doesn’t require Link to charge into dangerous territory.

Spot is one of the six unique horses in Tears of the Kingdom, so it’s recommended to register it to the stables. Of course, players don’t have to use Spot on their journey since he can be easily replaced by horses with better stats. Although compared to the other horses in the “beginner” areas, he’s one of the best and worth the effort.

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Updated August 28th, 2023: As players progress their journey through Hyrule they will come across a quest to find a spotted horse for the stables in Lookout Landing. Once unlocked, players will be tasked with Spotting Spot in TOTK, which will send them on a journey to find a special spotted horse and return it to the stables. Unfortunately, Spotting Spot in Tears of the Kingdom can be a bit confusing for some players as its location is a bit ambiguous. To better help players in Spotting Spot in TOTK, the following guide now includes a video.

How to Unlock “Spotting Spot”

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom spotting spot unlock side quest

Players get the “Spotting Spot” side quest from Lester at Lookout Landing. Before they can get this side quest, they’ll need to make some progress in the main quest “Regional Phenomena” as well as fully complete “The Incomplete Stable” side quest. Fortunately, “The Incomplete Stable” requires little to no work. Speak to Lester or Karson, then use Ultrahand to fix the roofing. This will establish a Mini Stable that Link can use in the future, too.

Now that the Mini Stable’s fixed, Lester will talk about his missing horse, Spot. This is a unique horse with “gray dappling” and a white coat, making him easier to spot among other wild horses. He mentions that Spot wouldn’t wonder very far, which means he’ll be roaming somewhere near Lookout Landing.

Where to Find Spot (Spot Location)

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom spotting spot location

Spot appears south of Lookout Landing around coordinates -0332, -0043, 0023.

To tame him, players need to approach slowly. Press down on the L-stick to make Link crouch, then slowly walk towards Spot. Get close enough to him and press A-button to tame him. Then, tap L-button until Spot calms down. While players don’t need an extra Stamina Wheel to tame Spot, it’s recommended to have full stamina before trying.

If players are having a hard time approaching the horse, then they should take Sneaky Elixirs or wear armor that increases Stealth such as the Sheikah Set. Sneaky Elixirs are more accessible at the beginning of Tears of the Kingdom. Stealth Armor can be bought from Kakariko Village, but doing so requires the completion of an entirely different side quest.

Another way to keep a horse from fleeing is to hit it with an “ice arrow” (arrow fused with Ice Fruit or White Chuchu Jelly). Be very careful when using this method as a powerful bow can kill the horse. It’s generally preferred to sneak up on the horse instead of trying to freeze it.

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“Spotting Spot” Rewards

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

Bring Spot back to Lookout Landing’s Mini Stable and Lester will hand over some rewards as thanks:

  • 50 Rupees
  • x1 Swift Carrot
  • Spot (optional)

Speak to Lester again, and he’ll ask if players want to keep Spot. If players have a full registry of horses, then they’ll have to let one of their previously-tamed ones go to make room for Spot. Once the horse is under Link’s name, players will have the option to rename Spot to whatever they wish. On the other hand, players can keep the name Spot if they wish.

Understanding Horse Stats

loz totk tears of the kingdom spotting spot register horse

Spot has the following stats and temperament:












Just like in Breath of the Wild, a horse’s stats determine the quality of a horse. If players intend on riding a horse out into dangerous territory, they’ll want something that’s fast and has a lot of HP.

  • In Tears of the Kingdom, a new stat called Pull has been added. As the name implies, this stat indicates how many items in a carriage they can carry/pull. For side quests like “Serenade to a Great Fairy,” it would be best to have a horse that has a higher Pull rating.
  • Strength indicates a horse’s HP. Horses can die from taking too many hits whether it be from enemies or even falling from a great height. Thus, it’s best to have a horse with decent Strength to prevent it from getting killed so easily.
  • Speed is how fast a horse can run, obviously. While high speed is generally preferred, a 5-star Speed Horse going at maximum speed makes it harder to steer, so keep this in mind.
  • Stamina are indicated by the stirrups when riding a horse. This allows a horse to move faster. Some horses have zero stamina, meaning they can’t move faster than a steady gallop.
  • There are two types of Temperaments in Tears of the Kingdom: Gentle and Wild. A Gentle-natured horse is easier to tame while a Wild-natured horse requires more stamina. A Gentle-natured horse won’t throw Link off its back if he burns through their stamina while a Wild-natured horse, regardless of its Bond, will.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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