The horses in Tears of the Kingdom are defined by their stats. One horse may look the same as another, but it may have higher speed/stamina, or it may be the worst of the two. Most horses are about the same height and have a variety of colors, but then there are the giant horses.

Tears of the Kingdom has two unique giant horses somewhere in Hyrule: The Giant Horse and the Giant White Stallion. Unlike regular horses, these two are more challenging to tame and require a lot of stamina. They tower over Link in height, meaning they have some limitations as far as customization goes. However, taming them may be worth it if only for their immense strength and unique appearance.

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Updated August 28th, 2023: Players who want to get their hands on a giant horse in TOTK have a couple of choices that they can pursue. Ganon’s Horse, as well as a Giant White Stallion, can both be found across Hyrule and players are capable of snagging them both for themselves. Finding these two creatures can be a bit difficult if players don’t know where to look. To help players find a giant horse in Tears of the Kingdom, as well as complete a shrine quest, the following guide has been updated with a video.

Where to Find Ganon’s Horse (Giant Horse)

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom giant horse location

Before taming the Giant Horse, Link will need more than two stamina wheels. These are earned by giving Blessings of Light to Goddess Statues. Alternatively, players can try to get away with one stamina wheel but stock up on Energizing Elixirs. If Link runs out of Stamina, the Giant Horse will throw him off and players will have to start over again.

There are two ways to get the Giant Horse:

  1. Catch it in Tears of the Kingdom
  2. * Transfer it from a Breath of the Wild save file. To transfer it from a save file, simply talk to a stable head at any stable to register it in TotK.

* For those that didn’t get the Giant Horse on their BotW file or simply didn’t play Breath of the Wild, it’s going to have to be tamed like any other horse.

The Giant Horse bears a resemblance to Ganondorf’s black stallion from Ocarina of Time, but it’s highly unlikely these two are one and the same. It was in the Taobab Grassland in Breath of the Wild, but in Tears of the Kingdom, it can be found at Hateno Beach. There isn’t a Giant Horse in the Taobab Grasslands this time, so players have no reason to go there looking for Ganon’s Horse.

The easiest way to reach the Giant Horse in Tears of the Kingdom is to start from Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. If players haven’t received the Shrine Sensor from Robbie, then chances are the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is locked. Instead, they’ll want to travel from the Zanmik Shrine in Hateno Village instead.

From there, make way towards Hateno Beach at coordinates 4129, -2453, 0003. The Giant Horse is roaming the island of land between Deepback Bay and Hateno Beach. Approach it slowly or try to land on it from above, then start mashing L-button.

If players notice their Stamina Wheels getting low, they can replenish it by taking an Energizing Elixir.

Closest Stable for Giant Horse

giant horse location best route totk loz

Once it’s tamed, it’s time to take the Giant Horse to a stable. Unfortunately, it’s a long trot from Hateno Beach to the closest stable, which happens to be the Dueling Peaks Stable at 1745, -1929, 00010. Just follow the paths on the map back to Dueling Peaks Stable and avoid taking detours. Fortunately, the Giant Horse has incredible Strength, meaning it can take a hit or two from weaker enemies if Link is ambushed en route.

If players transferred Ganon’s Horse from their Breath of the Wild file to Tears of the Kingdom, he will not show up at Hateno Bay. Players can only have one Giant Horse (Ganon’s Horse) per file.

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Where to Find the Giant White Stallion

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom giant white stallion location

There’s also a unique giant white stallion in Tears of the Kingdom. Just like the Giant Horse, players are advised to have a little more than two stamina wheels before attempting to tame him. Fortunately, the journey from the Great White Stallion’s location to the closest stable is much shorter than the Giant Horse at Hateno Beach.

Since the giant white stallion is unique to Tears of the Kingdom, it can’t be transferred from a Breath of the Wild file.

The giant white stallion is to the south of Hyrule near the Highland Stable. Go over the Horse God Bridge to 0738, -3729, 0080. In Breath of the Wild, this is where players could meet the Horse God, Malanya. In Tears of the Kingdom, Malanya has taken up residence somewhere in Akkala. Instead of Malanya, players will find the giant white stallion.

Approach the Great White Stallion slowly (while crouching) or players can try to scale the surrounding cliffs and land on it from above. Link will want full stamina wheels before jumping on its back, so the preferred method is to sneak up on it instead of dropping in.

If players manage to tame it, ride it back to the Highland Stable at 0534, -3433, 0047. The path isn’t nearly as long as the Giant Horse’s route, so there are fewer enemies to worry about when traveling.

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Ganon’s Horse (Giant Horse) vs. Great White Stallion

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom giant white stallion giant horse

Between the Giant Horse and the Great White Stallion, neither one is better than the other in terms of ranking/stats. Both the Giant Horse and the Great White Stallion have the same stat spread and the same flaws. The only difference is, of course, their looks:












The giant horses both having 5-star Strength means they have the highest HP out of all the horses in Tears of the Kingdom (disregarding enhancements). They’re also quite slow with 2-star Speed, and their lack of Stamina/stirrups means they can’t gallop any faster. While they look as if they could Pull several carts at once, there isn’t a single harness in TotK that fits either of the giant horses. This means they’re incapable of pulling carriages full of items or people. Although their Temperament is listed as Wild, they won’t be throwing Link off their back since the only way to get thrown off by a Wild-tempered horse is to burn through its Stamina.

Finally, giant horses can’t be customized. The stable head will even comment that the giant horses may not like having its mane touched. So if players want their horse to have their unique look, then they shouldn’t use one of the giant horses.

Ride The Giant Horse Shrine Quest

loz totk ishokin shrine ride the giant horse route

The Great White Stallion can be used in the Shrine Quest “Ride The Giant Horse” for the Ishokin Shrine. It’s much easier and recommended taking the Great White Stallion, since the once-Horse God Lake is closer to the Shrine (-0568, -3525, 0129). Players can also leave from Highland Stable to these coordinates.

If players prefer to use the Giant Horse, they should tame it first and then take it from Highland Stable instead of trying to take it all the way from Hateno Beach to the Ishokin Shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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