Photographers and videographers alike share similar anxieties when it comes to traveling with their high-dollar camera equipment in the wild.

PolarPro Defender Pro Camera Body cap with AirTag storage.
PolarPro’s Defender Pro camera body lens cap holds an AirTag for easy camera tracking.

Whether it’s about losing luggage at the airport or being a victim of theft, there’s always a voice in in every photographer’s or videographer’s head telling them to stay ever cautious and vigilant.

Keeping an AirTag in your camera bag can lend reassurance that if something goes missing, you may be able to track it down; but who wants an AirTag tumbling around in their camera bag with expensive glass?

PolarPro makes AirTag storage easy for camera users

That’s where I think a brand called PolarPro has really stepped up to the plate. While attempting to find a better way to store AirTags in my camera bag, I happened upon this brand’s innovative camera body caps and lens covers.

Dubbed the Defender Pro series, these caps and covers house inconspicuous AirTag storage compartments so your AirTag remains physically mated to your camera body or lens instead of loosely sitting in the bag where the two can be separated, or worse, where the metal part of the AirTag can damage equipment from being shuffled about.

PolarPro Defender Pro Camera Body Cap

PolarPro Defender Pro Camera Body Lens Cap.
PolarPro’s Defender Pro camera body lens cap installed on a Sony A1 camera.

The first of the two products, a camera body cap, connects to the camera body like a stock plastic camera body cap would, however it feels so much nicer because PolarPro machines these from 6061 aluminum, allowing them to give a positive ‘click’ when they lock into place.

PolarPro sells these camera body caps for all the major manufacturers, including Canon EF & RF mounts, Nikon Z mount, and Sony E mount. Notably missing from the list, however, is the popular Nikon D mount, which is still widely used by Nikon DSLR shooters today.

While I opted for the black color because I didn’t want to be flashy, PolarPro does also offer Forest dark green and Desert tan, if that’s your thing.

Another thing I want to mention is that while I’m using the PolarPro camera body cap for AirTag storage, PolarPro provides a total of three different inserts to pick from so that you can use the storage compartment or either SD & microSD card storage or CFExpress Type A storage.

PolarPro Defender Pro camera body cap with SD Card insert.
PolarPro’s Defender Pro camera body cap with the SD Card insert installed.

As a Sony camera user, I’ll use any of these three inserts at any given time. But if you use a different brand of camera, we doubt you’ll be using the CFExpress Type A insert anytime soon.

Accessing the storage compartment is easy — simply press in the colored tab and rotate counter-clockwise until you can’t anymore, then pull. Once removed, you can access what’s inside or swap out the silicone insert to change what you’re storing inside.

PolarPro Defender Pro Camera Lens Cover

PolarPro Defender Pro camera lens cover.
PolarPro’s Defender Pro camera lens cover with AirTag storage installed on a Sony 50mm f/1.2 lens.

The second of the two products, a camera lens cover, wraps around the forward-facing portion of the lens with its elastic polymer sidewalls, while the ABS-based rigid front plate provides excellent impact protection.

PolarPro sells these lens covers in two different sizes to fit lens barrels ranging from 70-80mm in diameter and 81-90mm in diameter. They call these sizes Medium and Large, but there isn’t a Small size option for tinier lenses that you may take with you on a trip.

Again, I opted for the black color because I don’t like being flashy — it attracts more attention than I’d like. But if you do prefer color, the same Forest dark green and Desert tan colors apply.

Also, yes, the Defender Pro camera lens covers feature the same secret compartment that lets you hold either an AirTag, a SD & microSD card, or a CFExpress Type A storage card.

PolarPro Defender Pro lens cover storage compartment.
PolarPro’s Defender Pro camera lens cap hidden storage compartment reveals an AirTag holder.

I generally like to have eyes on all my expensive equipment, which is why I’ll put AirTags in most of these. But if I’m traveling light and I already have an AirTag in the camera body cap, I might choose to pack extra storage in the lens cover instead. It really comes down to personal preference.

At first, I didn’t see why anyone would buy one of these instead of just using the original lens cap, but one fact became glaringly obvious and changed my mind: the PolarPro Defender Pro covers the telescoping part of telescoping lenses, such as my 24-70mm f/2.8, which prevents dust and debris from infiltrating the lens over time.

Another thing I admire about these lens covers is that they protect lens filters that lack the threads to use a traditional lens cap on. For that reason, these are a must-have for chronic lens filter users.

My thoughts on PolarPro Defender Pro Products

PolarPro Defender Pro on Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.
PolarPro’s Defender Pro camera lens cover installed on a Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 lens in a custom camera case.

As an avid photographer, I invest in my own equipment and PolarPro didn’t send me these products to say nice things about. Instead, I went looking for a fix for a problem I was having and found this solution.

Having said that, I’ve devised my own list of pros and cons that I think will help those on the fence with whether they should consider the PolarPro Defender Pro camera body caps or lens covers for their own use.


  • Incredibly rugged, using tried and true materials like 6061aluminum, ABS, and polymer in build
  • Adaptive sizing takes ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for most professional camera lenses
  • Innovative use of space
  • Inconspicuous tracking capabilities with the included AirTag insert
  • Handy memory storage with the included memory card inserts
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Protects even lenses that have vulnerable telescoping elements


  • Limited color selection
  • Cost sets users back $50 a pop

Where to get one

If you’re interested in acquiring a PolarPro Defender Pro for your camera body or camera lens, then you can head over to PolarPro’s website.

The lens cover is available for $49.99 from PolarPro’s website and is available in both medium (70mm-80mm lens diameter) options in Black, Desert, or Forest colors.

The camera body cover is available for $49.99 from PolarPro’s website and is available for Sony E mount, Canon EF or RF mounts, and Nikon Z mount options in Black, Desert, or Forest colors.


The PolarPro Defender Pro products that I’ve featured in this piece go in my camera bag every time I run out to grab photographs. They’re convenient, extremely protective, and feature the added benefit of incorporating an integrated AirTag tracking device so that I can always find my gear when it seems to walk off.

What are your thoughts about having an Apple AirTag integrated into either the camera body, camera lens, or both? Or perhaps you might prefer the extra storage compartments for extra memory cards? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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