An NFL player offered $150,000 for Magic: The Gathering’s One Ring card, but players have pointed out that his offer is already well below others being made all around the world.

Cassius Marsh Sr., an outside linebacker with the Chicago Bears and CEO of Cash Cards Unlimited, released a TikTok video announcing his $150,000 offer. “We are putting a $150,000 bounty on The One Ring,” he said. “If you secure the card, I will fly you out to California, show you a good time, and most of all, make sure you get paid.”

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However, Cassius was soon accused of making a “low-ball” offer by multiple users on Twitter. After two days, Cassius returned to announce a new bounty will be offered next week.


Certain Magic cards have always been able to command a high price, either for rarity, in-game power, or both, but the secondary market is going wild over an upcoming card: The One Ring. For the first time in Magic history, the upcoming Lord of the Rings-themed expansion will feature serialized versions of The One Ring. While there will be thousands of One Rings for the humans, dwarves, and elves, and hundreds more foil versions, there will be only one One Ring to rule them all. This One Ring will have a serial number 001 of 001, special art, and of course, a foil treatment. It will be placed in one very lucky collector booster prior to the set being shipped out to stores.

We got to see the Serialized One Ring just a few days ago in a brief preview video. Fans noted that the card is already showing signs of pringling, a common defect with foil cards, leading some fans to call it “the Single Pringle.”

However, this hasn’t seemed to dampen enthusiasm from collectors for the upcoming One Ring. A collector named Dan Bock offered $100,000 to whoever pulls The One Ring soon after the card was revealed. Mystery MTG, a Magic store in Texas, has since topped that offer with a $190,000 bounty. A store in Madrid, Spain is offering 200,000€ or 300,000€ in store credit. A streamer is reported to have offered $250,000 for the card, and Bock is said to have sweetened his initial offer to $500,000.

The One Ring-2

Folks over on the MTG Finance subreddit are suggesting that The One Ring could sell well into the millions. Given how celebrity Magic players like Post Malone have put down almost that much on some of Magic’s most expensive cards, it’s not out of the question. Not by a long shot.

The most likely scenario, as suggested by Dr. Judge on Twitter, is for whoever pulls The One Ring to put it up for auction. That’s typically what’s been done for Magic’s most expensive cards and it ensures that whoever is lucky enough to get The One Ring gets the highest price.

We’ll find out when Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth arrives on June 23.

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