The Central Bank of UAE (CBUAE) has set forth comprehensive guidelines for digital asset KYC, to be implemented next month. 

Transparent crypto regulation

The new guidelines will require financial institutions to conduct thorough due diligence exercises alongside identity verification checks before approving any digital asset transactions. 

Crypto businesses worldwide are doing their best to comply with current regulatory changes happening in various jurisdictions worldwide. It’s for this reason that many seek regions with crystal clear regulations and standardised guidelines. 

The UAE, known for its transparency in crypto regulation, has become an attractive haven for these businesses as it now gradually positions itself as a candidate for the next global crypto hub. 

A new regulatory framework

The new regulatory framework provided by the CBUAE contains custom-tailored solutions targeting risks attached to virtual assets and virtual asset service providers purposely designed to enhance supervisory and regulatory frameworks. 

“These crucially important efforts are essential elements towards safeguarding our financial and monetary system’s integrity along with stability, following Financial Action Task Force standards,” 

reiterated Governor Khaled Mohamed Balama. 

With a comprehensive 44-page document outlining explicit definitions of virtual assets alongside their service providers’ business models, the documentation emphasises the strict legal obligations placed on licensed financial institutions through provision of effective tools tailored to enable them to navigate across the rapidly evolving virtual asset industry landscape. 

To further demonstrate its commitment towards providing optimal safety together with superior well-regulated environments for cryptocurrencies including NFTs among other digital assets; Dubai established a dedicated regulator – Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA) which oversees operations within the country’s digital asset sector while at the same time streamlining its licensing processes by providing clarity regarding operational procedures except for companies operating within certain economic free zones. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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