Soon, World of Warcraft players will have a new method of mount farming, as a mount coming to the game will have the ability to become any mount from the game’s rich history. The malleable mount will be available in World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.5, Fractures in Time, and some players are already excited about the possibilities this new mount can offer.

While the Fractures in Time update has no exact release date or window at the time of writing, the patch is currently available on the public test realm (PTR) for World of Warcraft players to try and provide feedback. The top features that will arrive with Fractures in Time include a Mythic mega-dungeon called Dawn of the Infinite, various quality-of-life changes to the game’s user interface, and balance updates for every class. While the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon will take players on a time-traveling mission to stop the Infinite Dragonflight and the Primal Incarnate Iridikron, those that brave the challenges will be rewarded for their efforts.


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The Reins of the Quantum Courser will be a new mount that drops from defeating the last boss of Dawn of the Infinite. According to prominent World of Warcraft content creator MrGM, the Reins of the Quantum Courser will change into a random mount when consumed, similarly to a loot token. Ergo, it can conceivably change into any redeemable mount from World of Warcraft‘s history. In an example provided by MrGM, one of his teammates won the Quantum Courser, and it transformed into Midnight’s Eternal Reins upon use. This allowed the aforementioned teammate to use the new reins and ride Midnight, which is a horse that is obtainable in the Return to Karazhan dungeon from the Legion expansion.

While the exact pool of mounts the Quantum Courser can become is not known at the time of writing, the Quantum Courser is considered a guaranteed drop from the last boss from Dawn of the Infinite. This means that, theoretically, players can keep running the mega-dungeon to farm the Quantum Courser in the hopes of obtaining a rare mount. Upon hearing the news, World of Warcraft players on social media expressed both excitement and confusion. Some assumed that the Quantum Courser would be its own mount that could change into any mount when summoned. However, MrGM cleared the air and stated that the Quantum Courser can be likened to gear tokens that change into a random or specific piece of armor when consumed.

Nevertheless, with new features in the works and a new method of obtaining mounts, the Fractures in Time update is sure to give World of Warcraft players plenty to talk about. Only time will tell how effective the Quantum Courser will be in satisfying mount collectors.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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