Last Friday, we polled readers to ask how many planned to buy Vision Pro now that the product is real. Naturally, the 9to5Mac audience includes a few early adopters, so all 100% of you signed a legally binding document committing to give Apple $3500 before January 1, 2024. Okay, the results aren’t that skewed, and they may actually surprise you.

Apple says customers in the United States will get the first shot at owning Vision Pro early next year for the low-low price of just $3,499 – tax and correctional lenses not included. On the one hand, yikes! But at the same time, Vision Pro is a whole new product category for Apple that early adopters like us will do anything to experience.

Well, at least 36% of us. That’s how many responses chose the affirmative when asked about buying Vision Pro. Of course, responding to the poll is free and Vision Pro is not, but a third of 9to5Mac readers is a data point. Is it surprising? I thought the number of yes votes would be higher for our audience, but I also totally get the economics for Vision Pro V1.

One-in-twelve responses fell into the “Other” category where people explain why they’re not a yes or a no. This is probably a lot of honest folks who would love a more affordable Apple Vision headset.

The no category, which considers both price opposition and device disinterest, wins the day, representing 54% of poll responses. Apple can reportedly only produce around 450,000 units per year for now, and we’re calling dibs on at least 10,000 of those for our poll responders.

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