Street Fighter 6 features all sorts of content for veteran fans and newcomers alike. This includes the brand-new online Battle Hub. This area allows players to meet new friends, customize their avatars, and fight in avatar battles. The Battle Hub also contains an arcade featuring classic Capcom games such as Final Fight, Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and the original Street Fighter. These games can be played for free and are regularly cycled out for others. Players can even compete for high scores on a worldwide leaderboard. Fans should follow this guide to find the Battle Hub arcade and try some retro games in Street Fighter 6.


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Enter the Battle Hub


The Battle Hub can be accessed by clicking on the center part of the main menu. If players have not made a Street Fighter 6 avatar they will be asked to create one. The custom player avatars will be the character that is used in the World Tour story mode and online Avatar Battles. Once the avatar is created a server select screen will appear. Fans can choose from a specific area’s servers or quick join to be randomly placed in one.

Fans can walk around the Battle Hub and interact with other players. There are kiosks placed around the hub where avatars can be edited, and new clothing items can be purchased. Most of the arcade cabinets in the hub are for playing Avatar Battles. This is where Street Fighter 6 players can show off their unique creations and battle to see who’s best. There are even DJ booths set up for avatars to play and remix some of the game’s music.

The Game Center


All the classic arcade cabinets are located in the Game Center. Fans should look for the sign to the left of the large leaderboard at the front of the Hub. Players can sit at any one of the cabinets and begin playing old-school Capcom games. Look at the screen of the cabinet to see which game it is. Even if another player is already sitting at the arcade machine it can still be used.


When starting up a game players will be given a choice between free play and high score challenge. Free play allows players to leisurely enjoy the game with unlimited credits while the high-score challenge limits restarts and puts a score on the Game Center leaderboard.


Players can view the leaderboard in the game center to see their high scores along with which games are ready to play. The arcade will only have three games available at a time, but will regularly cycle through the selection. So make sure to visit the arcade regularly to play something new.

Street Fighter 6 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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