Robot vacuum technology has dramatically improved in recent years. Gone are the days of needing to empty your smart robot halfway through every cleaning job. Instead, the best robot vacuums have learned how to mop and empty dirt into a sealed bin at their charging station.

The only issue is that all this innovation comes at a high cost – literally. Dreame Technology is bucking that trend, however, with best-in-class features at unbelievable prices. 9to5Mac is teaming up with Dreame Technology to make its already affordable Dreametech D10s Plus an even better value. For a limited time, you can get the new Dreametech D10s Plus for $439.49 with special promo code “D10sPlus925” on Amazon. Head below for a closer look.

Leading performance without compromise for under $500

Dreame Technology has been empowering lives through technology since 2017. Since being founded, Dreametech has become a global leader in making innovative smart home cleaning appliances that consumers love.

Now the company is bringing its excellent D10s Series robot vacuums to the United States, including the capable Dreametech D10s Plus.

Normally priced at $549.99, 9to5Mac readers can take home the Dreametech D10s Plus for just $439.49. The special US launch promotion is only available for a limited time, so you’ll want to take advantage of the sale now.

Large 4L dust bag for up to 65 days of hands-free dust collection

So what makes the Dreametech D10s Plus so special? For starters, Dreame Technology’s smart vacuum cleaner is feature-packed at an affordable price without any compromise over other high-end robot vacuums that are often priced much higher.

In fact, Dreametech D10s Plus has self-emptying technology that allows the vacuum to run for up to 65 days without needing your attention. The smart vacuum clean features a special charging dock that includes a dust bin for collecting dirt between jobs.

This is super useful if you just want your vacuum cleaner to go without thinking about it. Minimizing how often you need to empty the bin also helps limit exposure to allergens that might otherwise enter the air after frequent changes. You won’t find this capability in other robot vacuums below $500.

Rubber brush design, long runtime & incredible cleaning power with 5000 Pa suction

Dreametech D10s Plus isn’t just a vacuum cleaner. The smart appliance also features a rubber brush design that lets Dreametech D10s Plus mop your floors and dig deep into carpets without being rough.

All that floor cleaning prowess is backed up by 5,000 Pa suction that’s unmatched by other vacuums in the $500 and under market. You can also expect long runtime on jobs thanks to the 5200mAh battery inside Dreametech D10s Plus.

Dreametech D10s Plus is also equipped with some great AI features. For example, the smart vacuum and mop uses AI to intelligently avoid obstacles while cleaning, and its advanced LiDAR navigation system is unheard of on comparably priced robot vacuums.

This helps Dreametech D10s Plus have awareness about where it is throughout the home, and Dreame Technology ships a companion iPhone app that lets you map each room and level out. You can also control D10s Plus with voice control using Amazon Alexa and Siri.

The low maintenance Dreametech D10s Plus is the ideal vacuum for busy households who don’t want to break the bank.

From June 7 through June 20, 9to5Mac readers can take home Dreametech D10s Plus for $439.49 with special promo code “D10sPlus925” (capital characters not necessary) at checkout. Dreame Technology’s Amazon store is the best place to order Dreametech D10s Plus. Take advantage of this awesome deal before it ends, and enjoy up to 65 days of not thinking about floor cleaning thanks to Dreametech.

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