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The sky crystal Shrine Quests in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom all lead to Rauru’s Blessing-type shrines. These shrines don’t have a puzzle inside them, instead, you need to activate the shrine and solve a puzzle outside.

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Completing the North Necluda Sky Crystal will unlock the Josiu Shrine, but to do this you’ll have to use your brain and figure out a way to get the sky crystal – the location of which is indicated by a beam of light – from its resting place to the shrine. There are plenty of ways to cheese these quests, but we will explain the standard way.


How To Complete The North Necluda Sky Crystal

The North Necluda Sky Crystal Shrine Quest can be triggered by visiting the North Necluda Sky Archipelago, a formation of sky islands located directly above Kakirko Village in Necluda.

To reach it, you can launch yourself from Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, which is to the southwest of Kakirko Village.

Glide northeast to the North Necluda Sky Archipelago. Ignore the circular island that has four paths sticking out of it and land on the southwestern sky island.

If you’re having trouble finding Josiu Shrine, its exact coordinates are 1759, -1209, 0924.

When you’re there, interact with the shrine to trigger the quest. As this is a Rauru’s Blessing shrine, simply bringing the crystal the shrine is pointing to will unlock it for a reward.

Josiu Shrine Solution

Head away from the shrine and go up the stairs on your right. This will lead you to a podium that has a miniature building block in it.

Grab the miniature with Ultrahand to move the larger-sized object it represents. It is controlling a large semi-circle block of land.

You will see it moving in front of you, where the shrine’s light is pointing towards. You need to use this bridge to retrieve the crystal and bring it back to the shrine.

One solution to this puzzle can be completed by doing the following:

  1. Rotate the object counter-clockwise, so that it connects the island to your left to the island ahead of you where the light of the sky crystal is pointing towards.
  2. Leave this mechanism and turn around. Go down the stairs and to the edge, jumping down to the lower island behind you. This island has a large turning mechanism in the middle and a launch pad.
  3. Using the mechanism in the middle, turn the outer ring until the launch pad is facing south, towards the crystal.
  4. Stand on the pad, launch into the sky, and glide over to where the sky crystal is sitting.
  5. Thanks to moving the mechanism earlier, you will have a path to the island on your right. Grab the crystal and bring it across the bridge.
  6. Leave the crystal on the island to the right and return to the mechanism by the shrine.
  7. Rotate the bridge counter-clockwise twice so it joins up to the island you’re standing on.

With the above done, you should now have a clear path towards the crystal you left on the other island. Run across the platform and grab it with Ultrahand.

Make your way back and deliver the crystal to Josiu Shrine to activate it and claim your hard-earned reward.

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