World 6 of Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe can be very stressful, especially at the final boss fight. This becomes even more problematic as players challenge its harder difficulty modes that feature higher-level enemies.

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Thankfully, the strategy for World 6 Difficulty 2 doesn’t change much from the level’s easier variant. Players who can exploit enemy spawns mid-fight will have no trouble getting through this, though this might be easier said than done. Here’s how to beat this Simulated Universe challenge in Honkai Star Rail.


World 6 Difficulty 2 Best Team Compositions

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The majority of enemies in World 6 are weak to Quantum and Lightning damage. DPS carries like Jing Yuan and Seele are the best choices players have here, though they’re far from the only viable options. Worthy teams for this Simulated Universe level would be something like the following:

  • Quantum Team: Seele – Bronya – Fire Trailblazer/Gepard – Bailu
  • Lightning Team: Jing Yuan – Tingyun – Fire Trailblazer/Gepard – Natasha
  • F2P Team: Serval – Hook – Fire Trailblazer – Natasha

Cocolia and Bronya are the biggest threats here. They can wipe the party out together with the former’s AOE attacks supported by the latter’s brutal crits and turn manipulation skill.

Fire Trailblazer and Gepard are the best tanks to bring to World 6 since they can protect against area attacks. March 7th will have trouble shielding everyone, and a healer alone won’t be able to top everyone’s HP off in between Cocolia’s attacks.

Seele can use Cocolia’s summoned ice pillars to trigger Resurgence. When paired with Blessings of the Hunt, she’ll be able to string her attacks non-stop and hit priority targets for massive amounts of damage every time.

Honkai_ Star Rail – Simulated Universe 6 Cocolia Fight

Jing Yuan won’t be able to beat Seele’s single-target DPS output, but he can come close if players can stack his Lightning Lord’s damage high enough. This character also shines best in the Simulated Universe, where Blessings can make up for his weaknesses.

For pure F2P players, Serval and Hook are very effective at dealing with most of the enemies in World 6, including the final boss. Both are strong Weakness breakers, and they have surprisingly high synergy with Hunt blessings. Replace Hook with Himeko if available.

Other DPS characters like Dan Heng, Yanqing, and Sushang can be effective in World 6, but they’ll be heavily reliant on getting upgraded versions of Hunt buffs. However, players can bring Silver Wolf to essentially nullify elemental resistances via DEF reduction and weakness implants, which make any DPS unit viable anywhere.

Blessings of the Hunt in Honkai Star Rail

The Path of the Hunt takes the crown as the most universally-useful Blessing category for World 6 Difficulty 2. The final boss and three out of four potential elite enemy encounters here summon minions while in battle, giving players the opportunity to exploit Hunt perks that activate after defeating targets. Here are the recommended Hunt Blessings:

  • Celestial Annihilation
  • Imperishable Victory
  • Imperial Reign
  • Resonance Formation: Star Hunter
  • Auspicious Star (upgrade immediately)
  • Vermeil Bow and White Arrow
  • Catastrophic Constellation
  • Vaulting Ambition

When combined, all of these Blessings can turn any DPS carry into Seele—as long as there’s something on the field that can be defeated in one hit, players will be able to keep attacking. Use Cocolia’s ice pillars and other summoned minions as fuel to keep the assault going.

Not every Simulated Universe run is perfect and sometimes, players won’t get the Blessings they need. As long as they have the first three perks listed above as well as Auspicious Star, they should be good to go.

Lastly, try to get Preservation and Abundance Blessings whenever ones for the Hunt are unavailable. Preferably, players should be getting Blessings that provide healing or shields at the start of a turn—anything that can help mitigate AOE damage is more than welcome.

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