The Dark Souls series is known for challenging gameplay, difficult bosses, and terrifying environments, and Dark Souls 3 is no different. These games are also, however, known for the incredible customizability available to players. Players can change the appearance, stats, armor, and weapon of their designed characters. Dark Souls 3 has a massive gallery of different weapons for players to try out, from katanas to oversized hammers and everything in between.

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One weapon type has always been in the hearts of all Dark Souls fans, not only because these weapons often boast the best stats in the games, but they also have incredible designs, fun, and diverse move-sets, and can be a challenge to obtain and master. This is, of course, Greatswords. Here is a ranking of the best Greatswords in Dark Souls 3, and no, the Moonlight Greatsword will not be featured because of how underwhelming it is.



7 Onyx Blade

DS3 Onyx Blade

The Onyx Blade is available to players through the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. Players can get this weapon by beating Sir Vilhelm near the graveyard when he goes hostile. The Onyx Blade has the longest range of any Greatsword in the game.

While it has decent stats, it scales poorly with strength and dexterity. Fortunately, it fills a unique niche by scaling well with intelligence and faith. Moreover, its weapon arts are really fun to use and effective, too.

6 Wolf Knight’s Greatsword

DS3 Wolf Knight GS

The Wolf Knight’s Greatsword is one of the most popular weapons in the game. Fans of the series may guess by its name that yes, this is Artorius’ sword, and it can be acquired by transposing the soul of the Abyss Watchers. It’s available relatively early into the game, especially if the players also have the DLCs, and it has fairly high damage.

The Wolf Knight Greatsword deals extra damage against abyss enemies and abyss bosses so it’s great for PvE. This weapon is fairly fast and the weapon art is really fun to use, but unfortunately, it can be parried and that is really what holds this weapon back. Experienced players will punish users for using its weapon art in PvP.

5 Gael’s Greatsword

DS3 Gael's Greatsword

As the name suggests, players can get Gael’s Greatsword by, well, defeating Gael in the Ringed City DLC and transposing his soul. This weapon has really good stats and scales really well with strength.

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Gael’s Greatsword has an excellent weapon art, allowing players to leap in any direction, slamming the sword down, similar to Gael in his battle. Players can follow this up with a normal attack for a slash or with a strong attack for an overhead leap. This weapon not only looks good, and goes well with a host of armor sets, but it has solid stats all around.

4 Claymore

DS3 Claymore

The Claymore is the jack of all trades, and to be fair, it’s the master of most trades too. This weapon is readily available and can be infused and buffed, which is rare for Greatswords. The upgrade materials for it are easily available too, allowing players to experiment with all sorts of different Claymore builds.

There’s nothing wrong with the Claymore statistically, even its weapon art. The stance is pretty good and its different infusions can make it a good option for late-game fights and PvE as well. If players overlook the basic design, they’ll find a top-tier weapon.

3 Twin Princes Greatsword

DS3 Twin Princes GS

This weapon is quite underrated. Players can obtain it by transposing the soul of the twin princes, Lothric and Lorian twice, so players have to be on NG+. While it does take some effort to get this weapon, it has great stats and scales well with strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith. While it doesn’t boast the highest damage, its weapon art compensates for it: players can enter a stance and then use either light or heavy attacks to cast Sacred Lothric Light or Flame of Lorian.

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These two spells have good range and deal additional fire damage. What holds this weapon back is the low range and low damage, but it’s quick and can surprise foes in PVP due to being underutilized.

2 Black Knight Sword

DS3 Black Knight

The Black Knight Sword might be one of the best weapons in the game, it is easily obtainable and has incredible stats. The weapon skill increases the user’s poise and makes them much more tanky.

This weapon is great in both its one-handed and two-handed versions, it boasts great stats, is easily upgraded, and inflicts tons of poise damage. Perhaps its only weakness is its low range and its attacks may be a bit too telegraphed for PvP play at times.

1 Hollowslayer Greatsword

DS3 Hollowslayer GS

This is the all-around best Greatsword in the game. Players can access it by transposing the soul of the Rotten Greatwood quite early into the game. The Hollowslayer Greatsword has really wide weapon slashes making it effective at crowd control, its weapon art is readily spammable and breaks an opponent’s guard. Moreover, players can be in a nearly continuous state of hyper armor using its light attack combos. The Hollowslayer also scales really well with Strength and notably has the best scaling with Dexterity out of any Greatsword in the game.

Its speed makes it a useful tool for PVP too, the Hollowslayer isn’t that popular, so it can catch people off-guard, it isn’t that heavy either so can be carried by lighter build users, and overall there’s hard to find any metric it doesn’t excel in.

Dark Souls 3 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

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