There are over a hundred cards in Marvel Snap, and collecting them takes luck, patience, and maybe a bit of cash. While it’s not exactly feasible for free-to-play players to have a full collection, you can still make several good, competitive decks, if you play your cards right.

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Thanks to the Token Shop, Series 4 and 5 cards can be pinned and purchased for 3,000 or 6,000 Tokens, respectively, which are earned from opening Collector’s Reserves. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best cards you can buy from the Token Shop. These cards either fit into several strong decks, or enable entire deck types on their own.



8 Thanos

thanos card

Thanos is a Series 5 card that almost needs no introduction. This “Big Bad” introduces multiple new types of decks thanks to the Infinity Stones. Although recent nerfs have reduced the popularity of Thanos decks, there are still a bunch of fun decks to try, like the ever-popular Thanos Lockjaw, or the flexible Control Thanos.

As a “Big Bad”, Thanos will never leave Series 5, making this (and other Big Bads) one of the best cards you can pin and save up for in the Token Shop. You won’t have to worry about “wasting” Tokens on Thanos, and the decks provided by this card alone open a new way to play Snap.

7 Galactus

Marvel Snap Galactus Deck standard variant

Galactus is a Series 5 card, and currently represents one of the most popular decks in play right now. Essentially, the goal with Galactus is to get the opponent to use all their high-power cards through cards like Doctor Octopus, then bring out Galactus early with Electro or Wave. Finally, playing Knull on turn six provides a massive power boost to the single lane that remains.

Galactus can be countered pretty easily by cards like Debri or Cosmo, but you can often surprise your opponent if they aren’t expecting you to have Galactus. Plus, as a “Big Bad”, Galactus will never go down in value, making this a great choice to pick up from the Token Shop.

6 Kang

marvel snap kang card

Kang the Conquerer is one of the most unique and strategic cards in Marvel Snap, and can be extremely beneficial in a lot of different types of decks. While he doesn’t enable deck types like Thanos or Galactus do, Kang is very powerful on his own, allowing you to see what choices your opponent will make on the current turn before turning back time.

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However, there’s no guarantee your opponent will make the same play as before, meaning you’ll have to be very good at predicting how your opponent will act when using Kang. If you get the hang of using this card, it can be game-winning in a lot of scenarios, making it definitely worth the 6,000 Tokens it costs to buy it.

5 High Evolutionary

marvel snap high evolutionary card

High Evolutionary is a Series 5 card that has one of the most unique effects in Marvel Snap. At the start of the game, High Evolutionary “unlocks” the hidden abilities of every card without an ability, like Wasp, Cyclops, and Hulk. These unlocked abilities are very powerful, and center around reducing enemy power and gaining power based on unused Energy.

As such, High Evolutionary enables his own type of deck featuring cards without abilities. If these types of decks appeal to you, you can’t go wrong by purchasing High Evolutionary from the Token shop.

4 Knull

Marvel Snap Galactus Deck Knull standard variant

Knull is a Series 4 card with an Ongoing ability that sets his power equal to the total power of all cards that were destroyed this game. When combined with destroy or Galactus-based decks, Knull can be extremely powerful, often gaining 30 or more power.

Knull works best when paired with Galactus, so if you’re looking to buy them both, be sure to save up a lot of Tokens. Alternatively, Knull can work in a Deadpool and Death deck, using Venom and Carnage to gain tons of power.

3 Darkhawk

Marvel Snap Iron Lad Deck Darkhawk standard variant

Darkhawk is a Series 4 card that has plus two power for each card in your opponent’s deck. Darkhawk is a very solid card, providing high power that only gets better if you build your deck around this effect. For example, including cards like Korg or Rock Slide to put more cards into your opponent’s deck will further increase the effect of Darkhawk’s ability.

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There are a number of great decks that Darkhawk fits into, making it an overall great card, and one worth picking up in the shop, if you have the Tokens for it.

2 Iron Lad

Marvel Snap Iron Lad Deck Iron Lad standard variant

Iron Lad is a new Series 5 card that, when played, copies the exact text of the card on the top of your deck. At only four energy cost, Iron Lad can be extremely powerful in the right decks, as his ability essentially allows you to have two of a particular card in your deck.

In some decks, like the Iron Patriot deck that uses key Patriot cards to boost no-ability cards, Iron Lad will always hit a good target, allowing you to double up on powerful buffs like Patriot, Blue Marvel, Iron Man, or Onslaught.

1 Jeff

Marvel Snap Iron Lad Deck Jeff standard variant

Jeff is a Series 5 card that has the ability to be played anywhere, regardless of location or effects. Plus, you can move Jeff once after playing him. This means effects like Professor X’s lockdown, or Sanctum Sanctorum’s limiting ability will not stop you from playing Jeff there.

Due to the high number of locations like this, or effects that prevent you from playing cards, Jeff is invaluable, allowing you to gain a small boost in power over your opponent in these situations. Jeff is especially good during Hot Location days that feature Locations like this.

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