The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers players a fantastic set of tools for building all manner of devices. From vehicles to elevators and even combat robots, Link has never had access to such freedom when it comes to creative combat and puzzle-solving.

One Shrine that heavily encourages players to take advantage of these new tools in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Rasitakiwak Shrine. This Shrine strips Link of his gear and inventory, requiring him to use whatever he finds within the Shrine to take down its guardians and earn its Blessing of Light.


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Rasitakiwak Shrine Location

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom_Rasitakiwak Shrine Location

Luckily, reaching this shrine isn’t tricky due to its proximity to Tarrey Town. It can be found just southeast of Tarrey Town, overlooking the area itself, close to the plot of land Link can purchase to construct his house. Its location can be seen on the map above. Its coordinates are 4166, 1323, 0229.

Activate the Shrine and head inside to start the Trial. This Shrine will continue to be useful long after completing it since it offers an easy means of traveling to Tarrey Town and, once purchased, Link’s House.

Rasitakiwak Shrine Walkthrough

On entry, Link will have all of his weapons, shields, bows, and items confiscated. Luckily, a short way inside, he can acquire some sticks, a bow, and arrows. A bit ahead of that is a construct atop a fan-powered vehicle. Hit it in the eye with an arrow to knock it off the vehicle and then take it out with a stick.

Fuse its horn to one of the sticks to make a better weapon, then take its vehicle and head to the right side of the shrine (from the entrance). Take out the enemy around the raised area and add the spiked plates, beam emitter, and flame emitter from that area to the vehicle.

Players can use this newly constructed war machine to take out the rest of the enemies around the area. However, a larger vehicle that is easier to steer can be found on the opposite side of the shrine from the spikes and can be outfitted with the weapons for an easier-to-use war machine if desired. Once all the enemy constructs have been taken out, the locked door leading to the end of the shrine will open.

Players can nab a Magic Rod from the chest and then claim the Blessing of Light to complete the Shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch.

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