Streaming and digital media are the preferred way to watch movies and TV shows at home in 2023. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we want physical media to disappear entirely. Especially with streaming platforms removing content on a whim, leaving certain shows lost to time as there’s nowhere else to watch them. While that’s not likely to happen to any of Disney’s Marvel or Star Wars shows anytime soon, some of the more popular picks from those franchises are getting physical releases.

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Disney revealed 4K Steelbooks for WandaVision, Loki, and the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, all available in either UHD or Blu-ray and all available to pre-order right now. Unlike the unofficial WandaVision steelbook revealed earlier this year that caused a bit of a stir since it didn’t actually include the show on a physical disc, all of Disney’s steelbook offerings have the shows on discs which means you will own physical copies of the shows forever, even if there’s a future where Disney Plus ceases to exist.

loki season one 4k steelbook
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Loki Season One Steelbook

The God Of Mischief On UHD And Blu-ray

The first season of Loki is now available as physical media, either in UHD or Blu-ray. The two-disc set comes in a collector’s edition steelbook and includes concept art and bonus footage not part of the steaming version of the show.

All four steelbooks also come with concept art cards and bonus material not included in the Disney Plus versions of the shows. The wait times for the various steelbooks differ quite a bit, but all four of them will have launched before the end of 2023. Loki is launching first, probably because Disney is eager to get it out there before season two of the show starts streaming. The God of Mischief’s steelbook releases on September 26, ten days before season two begins.

wandavision complete series steelbook cover
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WandaVision Season One Steelbook

Return To Westview

Disney’s first foray into the world of MCU TV shows WandaVision now has a physical release. Available in UHD and Blu-ray, WandaVision’s steelbook also comes with concept art and includes bonus material you won’t find in the Disney Plus version of the show.

Two months later, Wandavision’s steelbook ships on November 28. Spoilers for Wanda’s story in the MCU if you’re not all caught up, the Scarlet Witch’s fate and future are somewhat up in the air right now. It was suggested Wanda got killed towards the end of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but most fans aren’t convinced. Perhaps we’ll know more by the time WandaVision’s steelbook is released.

the mandalorian season one 4k uhd steelbook cover
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The Mandalorian Steelbook

This Is The Way

The Mandalorian is comfortably the most popular live-action series so far in the Star Wars universe. The first two seasons of the ongoing show now have physical versions. Available in UHD or Blu-ray, the steelbooks for seasons one and two include concept art and never-before-seen bonus material.

Last but not least is The Mandalorian. You’ll need to buy seasons one and two separately if you want to own both steelbooks, each of them launching on December 12, just in time for the holidays. No suggestion that their launch will coincide with another Star Wars project with Ahsoka, which is currently streaming on Disney Plus, being the final announced Star Wars show of the year. All four steelbooks are available to pre-order in UHD or Blu-ray formats through the links above.

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