Fable fans have been patient for years now, but it looks like the waiting isn’t over just yet. After seemingly teasing news on the next Fable game, Xbox is now trying to bring our hopes down, implying that we shouldn’t expect a new trailer at its upcoming showcase.

This comes after a tweet from the official Xbox account showed someone following a glittery breadcrumb trail, complete with Fable-esque music in the background. The hype only increased when VP of marketing Aaron Greenberg shared a selfie with a sign in the background, revealing the letters “-able”. Understandably, this gave many of us the impression that Fable would be making a long-awaited appearance at the showcase on June 11, something which Xbox now appears to be eager to shoot down.


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“I’ve not teased anything, prefer for our fans to be surprised when they watch live,” says Greenberg, responding to the speculation caused by his recent selfie. “It does feel like right now if I sneeze someone will say, X game confirmed! Love you all and the passion, keep it coming as we are about a week away!”

While in this instance, Greenberg was just responding to his selfie that appeared to be suggesting some Fable news is on the way, he makes a point of saying that he hasn’t teased “anything”, which might extend to the breadcrumb trailer too. Especially since Greenberg is the VP of marketing, and likely has a close eye on the material going out via official channels.

Of course, when you watch the teaser, it’s pretty clear that it has strong Fable vibes. However, this may just be Xbox throwing in a reference to one of its prior successes, not intentionally suggesting that another trailer will be in the showcase. This is possible, considering the showcase will be primarily focused on Starfield, one of the company’s next big releases.

Frustratingly, this wouldn’t even be the first time we were baited by the promise of a Fable update. In 2021, the Xbox Games Publishing account tweeted: “We’re excited to kick off something special tomorrow, just give us one more day to prepare the chickens. We’d call it our Fable Anniversary, but that name was already taken.” It doesn’t get more on the nose than that, right? Well, regardless, nothing came of it, and the account ended up apologising for any “confusion” it caused. So, with that in mind, nothing being shown off at the upcoming showcase wouldn’t even be the biggest letdown we’ve experienced.

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