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Every now and then, a video game garners a massive fan base that inevitably spawns a meme that pervades every corner of the internet. These are the times that the mainstream feeds of your older brother’s Facebook group and the seedier annals of 9gag find common ground.

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There was a time when you couldn’t visit any corner of the internet without being hit with some variation of “Maidenless” or “No Maidens” memes. You might be wondering what started it all.

What Game Is No Maidens From?

White Mask Varre tells the player that they are unfortunately maidenless

The No Maidens meme is actually a mashup of two other memes: the Maidenless meme from Elden Ring, and the “No bitches?” meme, which started as a reference to the movie Megamind.


Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG featuring writing from Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. The epic game has you taking on the role of the Tarnished, and among other tasks, requires you to find a maiden to help you grow in power. Although you often hear this mentioned throughout the game, the first character to call you out for being “maidenless” is White Mask Varré.

Although its usage in Elden Ring lore is different, players turned the term into a joke about being single and not being able to pull any partners. It’s “official” usage as a meme started and got popularized on Reddit, eventually making its way to other platforms.

From there, the meme eventually grew to be both a lighthearted way to troll other people and a referential dig at incels. When combining the Elden Ring usage with the very popular Megamind meme, you get the ever-so-shady and hilarious No Maidens meme.

No Maidens Examples

Whether you’re looking to annoy your younger brother, or just feel lonely and self-aware, the No Maidens meme always has a place in your collection. Even if you don’t feel like using the meme as an internet comeback, you can have fun with it and mash it up with other references to games and shows. Here are a few examples to kick things off for you.

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