Twitch streamer justfoxii has shared that a viewer recently set her car on fire. Being a content creator can carry more dangers than many people might expect, particularly once an audience grows. The larger the community, the higher the chance that at least a few people won’t have the best intentions or judgment. As an example, Twitch streamer xQc has had to move house multiple times due to fans finding out where he lives and attempting to break in.

A few content creators have also had to deal with people following them and generally making life uncomfortable or even scary. Stalkers have forced TikTok content creator Kallmekris to relocate, and Twitch streamer Amouranth also recently had ongoing issues with a stalker who flew all the way from Estonia and showed up numerous times at her home before being arrested.


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In a YouTube video, Twitch content creator justfoxii has revealed the details about a harrowing ordeal that she’s been dealing with after a viewer came to her home and set her car on fire. Two weeks ago while justfoxii was on vacation, her mother called to inform her that her car was burning. Security cameras captured a man walk casually up to the vehicle, place a large metal pot on the hood, and then set whatever was in the pot alight before calmly walking away. Warning that the video does show the car in flames.

Luckily, firefighters responded quickly and were able to extinguish the fire, which had already spread to a fence and burned the side of justfoxii’s house with her mom and pets inside. Thanks to the video footage, the perpetrator has been arrested, and it’s since been learned that the man traveled 700 miles to commit this crime, which justfoxii says “makes it so much worse.”

For the past year and a half, justfoxii has been dealing with “stalker type things,” though it’s unclear if the person who committed this particular crime is the same one who has been stalking her. She says the stalking is one of the main reasons that she hasn’t been streaming as often, and this incident has caused further trauma. Justfoxii concludes by stating that, while she would like to return to making content more regularly, it’s difficult to find the motivation while these disturbing things are happening in her life.

Content creation understandably comes with risks, but that doesn’t make those risks any less difficult to endure when they manifest. Some people opt to hide their identities and remain faceless in order to avoid scrutiny and potential stalkers, and recently, Minecraft YouTuber Dream even decided to put his mask back on after his face reveal led to cruel comments and mockery online. But concealing one’s face comes with its own set of problems, such as unwanted doxing and people who view uncovering a content creator’s identity to be some kind of fun challenge.

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