The Legend of Zelda series is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises, standing alongside Pokemon and Super Mario as a mainstay of the gaming world. Over the thirty-five years that the series has been around, it has introduced hundreds of colorful characters, many of entirely different races, for audiences to fall in love with.

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From the proud Gorons to the elegant Rito, Hyrule is full of memorable heroes and citizens alike for players to interact with. While some characters such as Navi and Skull Kid are always remembered and often talked about among the fanbase, some characters in The Legend Of Zelda are undeservedly left by the wayside. Here are a few of the most underrated characters in the Legend of Zelda franchise.



5 Kilton

Zelda Kilton

Travelling across Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, Kilton is a monster-obsessed salesman running the Fang and Bone shop, offering monster-based items in return for Mon (a currency he invented exclusively for his own sales). He’s ecstatic at the prospect of talking about monsters with Link, explaining that the reason for his shop existing is to spread his love for them and let the people of Hyrule feel like monsters when they dress in his wares. If Link successfully takes down all of Hyrule’s larger monsters, such as Stone Taluses or Molduga, at Kilton’s request, he will give Link a Medal of Honor for each type, giving players a real sense of accomplishment for going out of their way to make Kilton happy

Kilton is responsible for granting Link the ability to sneak past certain monsters if he buys gear based on them – for example, the Bokoblin Mask lets him pass by entire monster camps without alerting a single enemy. It is also where the Dark Link set is sold, giving Link an iconic look from the series’ past, with the added bonus of extra speed and instilling fear in enemies and citizens alike.

4 Tingle

Zelda Tingle

Easily the most divisive character in the series, Tingle is one of The Legend Of Zelda’s strangest additions. Appearing in several games, he primarily spends his time making friends with Link, selling maps at a discount (thanks to their apparent friendship) and convincing himself he’s a real fairy. Tingle’s life only gets weirder when it’s revealed he has siblings – Ankle, Knuckle and Pinkle – all dressed in the same full-body jumpsuit, making an unfinished rainbow with their respective colors.

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Despite his oddities and unsure fan reception in the West, Tingle has appeared in more titles than many other side characters, showing up in Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Oracle of Ages, Four Swords Adventures and Minish Cap. He even received a few Japan-exclusive Nintendo DS spin-offs starring him as the main character, demonstrating he may be surprisingly popular in his place of origin.

3 Bolson

Zelda Bolson

President of his own construction company and responsible for Link’s home in Breath of the Wild, Bolson is an eccentric old man encountered in Hateno Village. After offering Link a low price for the house, Bolson is happy to help Link redecorate his home with flowers, torches and a sign with Link’s name on it outside. His pride over the Bolson Construction theme song and dance choreography is also a lovely sight to see, as Bolson is more than willing to perform them at any time, even murmuring the theme in his sleep.

Bolson later goes on to attend his colleague Hudson’s wedding in the newly built interspecies Tarrey Town, complimenting the beauty of the occasion and musing on eventually finding a partner himself. Bolson’s openness to being extravagant, what with his bright pink clothing and appreciation for the sweeter things in life, is a rare sight within the men of Hyrule, so it’s particularly sweet to see.

2 Linebeck

Zelda Linebeck

In the midst of his travels across Hyrule in Phantom Hourglass, Link will come to meet the esteemed sailor Linebeck, captain of his own boat, which Link later uses to travel the Great Sea. Linebeck initially seems to be a coward with no strong backstory or motivations, running away from danger and letting Link deal with the monsters and traps in temples without him, but he eventually warms to Link and saves his life towards the finale.

Linebeck’s obsession with treasure is his primary driving force in his adventure, but even he is willing to turn down the great treasure he was looking for in order to instead repair and restore his beloved ship. This character growth and his genuine love for his dear vessel make Linebeck one of the most unexpectedly likable characters in the series.

1 Vaati


Appearing in the Four Swords duology as a recurring boss and The Minish Cap as the main antagonist, Vaati is a Minish wind mage. Vaati’s descent into villainy began with his fascination with the dark and repressed evil that exists in all people, and soon became corrupted by his ambition to acquire as much power as possible, using the Light Force held within Princess Zelda.

Vaati’s overconfidence and obsession with power eventually leads to his defeat at the hands of Link, gloating to his last breath and exclaiming his disbelief at being defeated by the young hero. Despite his evil nature, Vaati’s smug persona and pride before the fall makes him a charming villain players love to hate.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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