Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy game that lets players take control of a medieval dynasty and guide it through various political and military challenges. Religion plays a vital role in the game, with characters’ beliefs and moral values shaping their decision-making and influencing their relationships with other characters. One of the most significant features of religion in Crusader Kings 3 is the Tenet system, which allows players to customize their characters’ beliefs based on their faith, culture, and personal convictions.

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Out of the many Tenets available in Crusader Kings 3; Endura, Communion, and Warmonger stand out as some of the most powerful and versatile options. In this article, we will explore why these three Tenets are among the best in the game and how they can benefit players who choose to follow them.



3 Endura

Crusader Kings 3 game info and map locations
Endura in Crusader Kings 3

Endura, on the surface, may not be a tenet most players would seek out for their new faith, after all, sacrificing a character may seem a tad extreme. However, the benefits of this tenet should not be underestimated.

As many fans of the Crusader Kings franchise know, passing the crown to an heir is a tricky aspect that requires good timing and a strong candidate. Having a character that lives a full and long life is a sought-after trait most players want, however, this can have its downsides as well. If a character lives too long they risk having an heir who may be too old to have a long reign for themselves. With the Endura option, the player has the choice as to when they want to move on to the next character without the same negative consequences that they would normally have.

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With the bonus of -50% Short Reign Penalty taking over the realm as a new character is much easier. One of the biggest obstacles for a new ruler is dealing with the powerful vassals that tend to form factions and rebel once there is someone new in power. Much of this comes from the negative opinion buff that comes from the Short Reign Penalty. With Endura, this becomes a much smaller issue and can be much more easily resolved without conflict.

2 Communion

Crusader Kings 3 tenets and map
Crusader Kings 3: Communion Tenet

One of the most significant benefits of Communion is the ability to Seek Indulgences from the Head of Faith. This interaction allows characters to gain piety and reduce stress by confessing their sins and performing penance. The Head of Faith can also Excommunicate characters who have committed crimes against the Church or their faith, making it easier to remove troublesome vassals or rivals. Communion also makes the Honest virtue and Deceitful sin, which can help characters maintain their reputation and avoid negative consequences for dishonest actions.

Seeking Indulgences also brings in large sums of gold from sinful vassals. If the players become the head of faith then gold will consistently come in as the followers of the faith seek to be absolved. The more followers, the more gold the Head of Faith makes.

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Overall, Communion is an excellent choice for players who want their characters to be pious and respected members of their faith. The Seek Indulgences interaction can be a valuable source of piety and stress relief, and the ability to Excommunicate characters can be a useful tool for maintaining religious and political stability. The income that comes from being the Head of Faith will also be enough to support the realm the players control.

1 Warmonger

Crusader Kings 3 preparing for war

Warmonger is a Conviction Tenet that promotes the use of military force to achieve one’s goals. Characters who follow this Tenet believe that war is a necessary tool for expanding their territory, defending their honour, or asserting their dominance over others. They may be more likely to pursue aggressive expansionist policies and engage in military conflicts, even if it means breaking alliances or risking the stability of their realm.

The most significant benefits of Warmonger are the Conquest and Invasion Casus Belli, which allow characters to declare war on neighbouring territories without incurring significant penalties or negative opinion modifiers. This can be a powerful tool for expanding one’s realm and increasing one’s power and prestige. Warmonger also allows members of the clergy to serve as Commanders or Knights, making them valuable assets in battles and wars.

However, Warmonger also comes with significant drawbacks. Characters who follow this Tenet have No Offensive War Opinion, meaning their vassals may be less likely to support their aggressive military campaigns. Additionally, being at peace for more than six months lowers Vassal Opinion, making it more difficult to maintain political stability in the long term. Finally, characters who follow Warmonger may be more likely to engage in excessive violence and cruelty, which can lead to negative reputations and diplomatic consequences.

Despite these drawbacks, Warmonger is an excellent choice for players who want their characters to be powerful and aggressive military leaders. The ability to declare wars without significant penalties can be a game-changing advantage, especially in the early stages of a game when expansion is essential. The Conquest and Invasion Casus Belli also allow players to target specific territories and engage in strategic planning, rather than relying solely on random events or alliances.

In conclusion, Endura, Communion, and Warmonger are the top Tenets in Crusader Kings 3 because of their versatility and power. Each of these Tenets provides significant benefits to characters who follow them, as well as unique challenges and drawbacks. Whether players want to focus on martial prowess, religious piety, or military conquest, these Tenets offer a range of options and strategies for achieving their goals. By carefully considering the strengths and weaknesses of each Tenet, players can create characters and dynasties that are well-suited to their play style and objectives.

Crusader Kings 3 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Cloud Gaming, MacOS, Linux, Mac Operating Systems.

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