As spring comes into bloom for the northern hemisphere, we are surround by a cacophony of colors, smells, and sunshine. The most visually vivid time of the year is upon us and we attempt to capture simply even the smallest portion of that experience in a spring time dogwood blossoms wallpaper pack.

Dogwood tree wallpaper

The following images are curated from the online photographer community, The site is filled with thousands of images, perfect for your device backgrounds. Each photographer is highlighted next to the images, so you can follow any favorites.

These first four downloads are large enough for a 6k desktop monitor. Consequently, you can use them as such, or size them for an iPad Pro and iPhone Pro Max. They are big enough for all of your Apple gadgets. My favorite is listed first, by Laura Ockel. She catches a glimpse of a white and pink bloom, that even seems to have pink freckles sprinkled throughout the blossom.

These two make for the easiest iPhone or iPad crop because they are in portrait orientation. However, you could use them on a desktop monitor in the same orientation, given the massive canvas size of each. This first download by Christina DelliSante truly fits the “vivid” category as the pink shines so richly.

Pink dogwood iPhone wallpaper by christina dellisante


iPhone dogwood tree wallpaper by tomoko uji


To find even more images from these creative photographers, visit their profiles: @Laura Ockel; @Isabella Fischer; @Kevin Butz; @Christina DelliSante; @Tomoko Uji.

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The Dogwood is a classic springtime flower, right up there with the ever popular Cherry blossom.

Cherry blossom wallpapers for iPhone

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