Apple’s refreshed Smart Folio keyboard case supports multiple viewing angles thanks to revamped magnets in the latest iPads and the redesigned case itself.

The Smart Folio cover on iPad Air, half open, set against a light gold gradient color background
The new Smart Folio gives you more viewing angles Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB | Apple

Marques Brownlee has noted in his YouTube review of the new iPad Pro that Apple has redesigned the system of internal magnets in both new iPads so that the new Smart Folio keyboard case could support a wider range of upright positions.

The new iPad Pro and Air released on May 15 incorporate bigger magnets that work in conjunction with a longer rail of stripe magnets in the new Smart Folio case.

How Apple’s Smart Folio got even smarter

The old Smart Folio offers just two different upright viewing angles. The first position is a slight decline of about 20 degrees. The second allows the iPad to lean back further at about 40 degrees. Plus, you can fold the case to create a slightly elevated horizontal stand for more comfortable typing.
Visual comparison of the viewing angles on the old and new Apple Smart Folio iPad keyboard caseBy contrast, the new Smart Folio for the 11 and 13-inch iPad Air and iPad Pro slides easily from approximately a 90-degree upright position to a 45-degree slant.

According to Brownlee, the weaker magnets create lower friction, which allows the cover to stop anywhere within the above range. After that, a strong magnet prevents the device from sliding past 45 degrees.

Smart Folio: Pricing and availability

The new Smart Folio for the M4 iPad Pro is available in black, white and denim, while the M2 iPad Ar version comes in light violet, charcoal gray, sage and denim. The Folios are available to purchase through Apple’s online and brick-and-mortar stores, the official Apple Store app and select retailers.

The 11-inch Smart Folio for the iPad Air and Pro is priced at $79, and the 13-inch version is $99. Because Apple has changed the magnet system, the new Smart Folio doesn’t work with older iPads.

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