Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s biggest watch in all dimensions. That’s what helps Apple Watch Ultra have up to 36-hour battery life compared to 18 hours on other Apple Watches.

Yet something surprised me recently when I shared my thoughts on the possibility of an Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year.

People don’t just want a successor that keeps up with Apple Watch Series 9 performance. We’re expecting this fall’s new Apple Watch to include the first speed bump in years.

For me, a darker color and more band variety tops my list for a future Apple Watch Ultra.

Otherwise, I really think the current Apple Watch Ultra is future proof for several generations thanks to its advantages in battery life, screen brightness, and buttons over the standard watch line.

Something I didn’t consider, but readers certainly did, is the possibility of a smaller Apple Watch Ultra.

Every other Apple Watch generation comes in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, 40mm and 44mm, or 41mm and 45mm. The delta between small and large is always 4mm.

Would a 45mm Apple Watch Ultra satisfy the desire for a smaller Apple Watch Ultra? In my view, this doesn’t exactly seem practical.

Could Apple take the existing 45mm watch size and beef it up to have battery life and GPS capabilities worthy of the Ultra name? I can’t see it, but people want it.

It would still be a big watch, too, just not as big as the single size Ultra. I do think there’s an appetite for a smaller Ultra, though, based solely on reader response.

Is a smaller Apple Watch Ultra something you would consider? Would a delta of 3mm or 5mm between sizes make sense? Is ruggedization more important than battery life?

Maybe the titanium 41mm Apple Watch Edition still has a place in the lineup. Believe it or not, the one thing actually rumored for 2024 is an even larger Apple Watch Ultra.

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