Despite the positive response he got from his actions during the finale of The Boys season 3, a video from Vought featuring spokesperson Ashley Bennett revealed that Homelander and Vought might have come under fire after he killed a bystander in the last scene of season 3.

A subplot from The Boys season 4 may have been revealed, as a new The Boys video from Vought International revealed that Homelander is being sued for killing a bystander during a rally. Despite the lawsuit, Ashley and Vought voiced their optimism that the courts will find justice for The Seven’s leader, referencing that the bystander attacked his son, which warranted the attack.


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Here’s what Ashley had to say about the lawsuit on behalf of Vought. “In the coming months, Homelander will stand trial for saving his son from a vicious, Starlight-loving thug. An act of heroism is now somehow being branded a murder,” she said. “Make no mistake, Vought and its shareholders stand fully behind Homelander, and this will in no way impact his status as Captain of The Seven. We have complete faith in the American legal system to get things right like it always does. For now, keep him and Ryan in your thoughts and your prayers, and be sure to post with #HomeFree so he can see your support.”

For context, Homelander killed a Starlight supporter with his laser vision in plain sight as retribution for throwing an object at his son Ryan – impervious to objects hitting him much like his dad is because of his superpowers – during his rally. Despite fans being initially horrified by Homelander killing a supporter of his biggest public enemy, they eventually accepted what he had done and cheered him on, which surprised even Homelander himself. This showed that he has the green light to, as he puts it, “do whatever the f*** he wants.” Legally, he obviously can’t because of this alleged lawsuit, but now that he knows that he has steadfast supporters no matter what he does, he probably won’t care less.

This could potentially play into what happens in The Boys season 4. While Homelander may not care less about the repercussions, it could destroy Vought and their public persona because such actions may have permanently destroyed the leash they had on Homelander. The only flaw that holds him back from killing anyone in his path is his desire to be loved. Now that he knows that he’ll have it no matter what he does, pretty much nothing holds him back now, which could be horrible news for Vought.

And this kind of situation could add urgency to The Boys to get rid of him ASAP because now Homelander got his sights set on Starlight, who is now a public enemy after “breaking up with him” and quitting The Seven. Given that he already has a deeply personal rivalry with Billy Butcher, the stakes will be much higher in The Boys season 4, knowing that Homelander may be out for blood with no consequences.

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Source: Vought International/YouTube

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