Atlus has confirmed Persona 3 Reload’s platforms, and the Switch is notably absent.

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Persona fans will know that Atlus and Nintendo have a rather surprisingly tricky relationship, as the Nintendo Switch rarely sees a game in the series launch on the same day as every other platform out there. It was only until last year, that the Nintendo Switch saw the release of Persona 5 Royal, with Persona 5 Strikers being the only notable exception. Unfortunately, it seems like this could also be the case for the recently announced Persona 3 Reload.

The game was announce during the Xbox Games Showcase last week, meaning there’s been a bit of a delay in Atlus revealing which other platforms the game will be coming to. Atlus has now released the trailer Persona 3 Reload to its official YouTube channel, confirming the game will launch on PS4, PS5, and PC as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X. However, the Nintendo Switch is nowhere to be seen.


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