A Twitter announcement by Shueisha’s Comic Bunko revealed the upcoming reprint of Naoshi Komi’s original manga, Nisekoi – False Love. The reprint is set to come with new chapters set 10 years after the original story.

The last update to the Nisekoi – False Love manga was with the spin-off chapter released in December 2018, in commemoration of the live-action adaptation of the manga. The upcoming Nisekoi – False Love reprint is set to release its first two volumes on June 16, with the next two to come July 18.


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The Nisekoi – False Love story follows the protagonist, Raku Ichijo, the son of a prominent yakuza family, Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of rival faction the Beehive Gang, who find themselves in the middle of the tensions between their fathers’ gangs as the two groups form a truce over the premise that Raku and Chitoge are dating. When Raku was a young boy, he made a promise to a friend that if they met again, they would get married.

Now with his memories of the promise and the friend faded, the only thing he has to remind him of it is a locked pendant to which his friend carries the key. After losing the pendant in his first meeting with Chitoge, she helps him search for it, and they develop an animosity towards each other; however, there are two things that complicate their relationship far more than anything: the fact that Chitoge possesses a key that may fit Raku’s pendant; and the fact that Raku has a huge crush on someone else entirely.

The main cast of Nisekoi

Nisekoi – False Love, the original manga by Naoshi Komi, was first published as a one-shot in Shueisha’s Jump Next! magazine before being serialized in November 2011, running for 25 volumes until August 2016. It has been published in English on VIZ Media’s digital Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since November 2012. The upcoming reprint of Nisekoi – False Love will be set after a ten-year time-skip, and will have 16 volumes upon completion, with the last two volumes being dedicated to new content that wasn’t in the original run.

These additional volumes are the collection of the Nisekoi novel series titled Nisekoi: Urabana (Inside Stories) written by Hajime Tanaka, which has run for three volumes from June 2013 to April 2015 and contains various spin-off short stories based on the original work. The reprint volumes will all have new cover art and will be in a bunkobon paperback format (generally A6 size). Each following volume of the Nisekoi – False Love reprint will be released on the 18th of each month, with the first two arriving on June 16.

Source: ANN

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