The latest update for Marvel Snap introduces the brand-new game mode Conquest along with a host of new special rewards that players can compete to earn. While Marvel Snap already featured a competitive ladder system in its main game mode, Conquest takes the competition to the next level by offering players a high-risk/high-reward challenge in a seasonal single-elimination tournament. There is a lot to take in when jumping into Conquest mode for the first time, but its addition is a good sign that developer Second Dinner is committed to keeping the game fresh with new and interesting types of content.


As the game continues to undergo controversial changes with its monetization model, especially regarding Marvel Snap‘s seasonal series drops, players can take some heart in knowing that innovative gameplay additions are continuing to roll out for the title. Along with the new Conquest mode is the addition of the Mystery Series 3 section of the Token shop that allows players to purchase a mystery card from Series 3 for 1000 Tokens, as well as new Weekend Missions that offer players more chances to earn currency. While some players are disappointed with the game’s current monetization strategy, new modes like Conquest are a welcome change and a great way for free-to-play users to get additional rewards.

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How Conquest Mode Works in Marvel Snap


The basic premise of Conquest is to rank up through the tiers by facing off against players in increasingly difficult challenges, but with the catch that losing even once means getting knocked back down to the start. Marvel Snap players will start off in the free-to-enter Proving Grounds tier where they only need to beat one opponent to earn a Silver ticket which allows them to participate in the next tier. The Silver tier then requires players to win two matches in a row to gain a Gold ticket and entry to the next tier.

The Gold tier requires three wins in a row to earn a ticket to the final tier, Infinity. Players won’t gain access to the Infinity tier until the final week of the season, and they much win five matches in a row to earn the ultimate reward of a special Infinity frame for their current avatar. This mode looks to pit Marvel Snap‘s best against each other in the toughest matches the game has to offer, but if a player does end up losing at any point, they can either start back from the Proving Grounds or use Marvel Snap‘s Gold currency to buy their way back into a tier they have previously reached.

Marvel Snap’s Conquest Mode Rewards


Along with the coveted Infinity avatar border, there are a variety of other rewards players can earn from participating in Conquest, some of which can’t be obtained from any other shop in Marvel Snap. To earn these rewards, players will need to collect Medals from winning matches in Conquest, with more Medals being awarded for winning in higher tiers. Players can then take the Medals they’ve earned to the Medal Shop where they can spend them on rewards that include new ones added each week of the season.

These rewards include things like mystery variants, credits, gold, boosters, unique player titles and avatars, and even tickets for each of Conquest mode’s tiers. Players who purchase enough rewards over the course of the season will receive a unique reward at the end, and this season players can earn a special Green Goblin card variant by purchasing nine rewards from the Medal Shop. With all the currency and unique rewards players can earn through Conquest, the latest update for Marvel Snap feels like a major step forward for the game.

Marvel Snap is available on PC and mobile devices.

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