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Do you enjoy Street Fighter but sometimes wish there was a way to spice things up? Well, you’re not alone. The developers at Capcom must have thought the same thing because they introduced an innovative new match format called Extreme Battle in Street Fighter 6.

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Extreme Battle combines Street Fighter’s renowned combat with camp novelties. You’ll encounter charging bulls, electric prods, and even Met from the Mega Man series. Yet, behind the novelties are rules and parameters that will put your Street Fighter know-how to the test!

How Do Extreme Battles Work?

Luke secures a win against Kimberly with a Drive Impact during an Extreme Battle at Barmaley Steelworks in Street Fighter 6.

Extreme Battles have two defining features: Rules and Gimmicks. Rules set the parameters of a battle and often define its win conditions. Gimmicks are obstacles and incentives that make fights extra exciting!


Therefore, the key to winning an Extreme Battle is understanding the Rules and Gimmicks so well that you can use them against your opponent.

Extreme Battle Rules

A list of Extreme Battle Rules from Street Fighter 6.

Each Rule set focuses on a different aspect of fighting. For instance, Down And Out is a knockdown-focused match, Back And Forth encourages cornering/pressure, and Rules And Regulations is purely technical know-how.

Remember that your opponent has the same goals you do based on these Rules. Using this mindset, you’ll better anticipate their subsequent actions and punish them accordingly.

Down And Out

Zangief slams E. Honda into the ground during a Down And Out match at the Training Stage in Street Fighter 6.

  • Win Condition: The first fighter to knock down their opponent five times wins.
  • Down And Out Battle Tips:
    • You have two guaranteed attacks to knock down your opponent: throws and crouching heavy kicks.
    • Since throws and crouching attacks can knock you down, take the defensive with well-timed throw escapes and crouching guards.
    • Mix up your attacks. If you begin a combo with an overhead/aerial attack, your opponent will be standing and vulnerable to crouching heavy kicks.

Back And Forth

Chun-li guards against Juri's punches during a Back And Forth match at Old Town Market in Street Fighter 6.

  • Win Condition: Push the seesaw bar completely to your opponent’s side to win.
  • Back And Forth Battle Tips:
    • The seesaw bar gets smaller once the timer hits 30 seconds. Therefore, securing an early lead before that happens is in your best interest.
    • Back And Forth is a pressure test. So, developing combos that leave few openings for your opponent to counter will get you in the lead fast.
    • Avoid the corner at all costs, and have an escape plan ready if you find yourself there.
    • Armored attacks are a great way to reverse opponent pressure. If you start feeling the heat from your opponent, a well-timed Drive Impact can help!

Rules And Regulations

Manon strikes Marisa with a Drive Impact during a Rules And Regulations match at the Training Stage in Street Fighter 6.

  • Win Condition: Be the first to perform a list of specified actions to win.
  • Rules And Regulations Battle Tips:
    • Each player will get about five seconds to view their action list before a match begins. So, pay attention! Try to memorize as much of your and your opponent’s list as possible so you can strategize early.
    • If you know what actions your opponent must complete, you can anticipate what they’ll do next. Use this knowledge against your opponent and in service to your objectives.
    • Your opponent is also trying to trap you via your incomplete actions. So, they’ll punish you if you’re too readable. Keep your opponent guessing by hiding your goal actions in between other moves.

Heaven And Hell

DeeJay and Cammy each receive a buff and debuff before a Heaven And Hell match at The Macho Ring in Street Fighter 6.

  • Win Condition: The win condition is the same as a normal match.
  • Rule Effects: At the beginning of each round, each fighter will receive an advantage (Heaven) and a disadvantage (Hell).
  • Heaven And Hell Battle Tips:
    • Hell effects are severely limiting, but they also encourage creativity. For instance, if your Special Moves are disabled, you can still cancel out certain attacks with a Super Art. You’ll become unstoppable if you find a way around your disadvantage.
    • Your opponent’s disadvantage is your advantage as long as you know how to exploit it. For instance, if your character has a far-reaching projectile, and your opponent cannot dash, use that lengthy attack to trap them.
    • Your Heaven effect is there to help you, so you should build your strategy around it. For instance, if your Heaven effect is an unlimited SA Gauge, focus on creating an opening to land a Super Art.
    • However, your opponent knows your advantage and will use that knowledge to anticipate your actions. So, disguise your intentions until the time is right.

Smash And Grab

Luke and Kimberly trade blows during a Smash And Grab match at Barmaley Steelworks in Street Fighter 6.

  • Win Condition: First to reach the target score (30,000 pts) wins.
  • Rule Effects: More powerful attacks tend to award more points. In addition, completing bonus challenges will rake in extra points.
  • Smash And Grab Battle Tips:
    • Completing bonus challenges can quickly increase your points. However, any attack will add to your point total. Therefore, strong offensive plays will help you gradually build up your points, even if you miss a challenge.
    • You and your opponent will attempt the same action when bonus challenges arise. So, deflect their attempts and make your attempts less readable.

Normal Battle

Dhalsim throws Guile to the ground during a Normal Match at Carrier Byron Taylor in Street Fighter 6.

  • Win Condition: Empty your opponent’s health first to win.
  • Gimmicks That Work With Normal Battles:
    • Bull Run
    • Bombs Away
    • Shock Zone
    • Mecha Friend

The gimmick takes center stage in an Extreme Battle with Normal Battle rules. So, you must know how to avoid the gimmick’s adverse effects and use them to your advantage to win!

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Extreme Battle Gimmicks

A list of the Extreme Battle Gimmicks from Street Fighter 6.

Extreme Battle Gimmicks require flexibility. While silly on the surface, each one requires quick decision-making and high technical prowess to overcome. But if you can find a way to flip a gimmick to your advantage, your opponent won’t stand a chance!

Bull Run

Dhalsim gets launched into the air by a bull, while JP stands unfazed, during an Extreme Battle at Old Town Market in Street Fighter 6.

  • Gimmick Effect: A bull occasionally charges the stage, knocking down all in its path.
  • Bull Run Gimmick Tips:
    • The bull is unforgiving. If it hits you unprotected, you’ll lose half your health bar. However, if you guard or Drive Parry against it, you won’t lose health, but your guard will crush. So, the best avoidance is to jump above the bull.
    • You want to be the fighter in control when the bull passes through. So, pressuring your opponent is a helpful way to leave them defenseless. Then, you can make your escape while your foe gets trampled!

Bombs Away

Ryu punches Ken in the face, while a bomb between gets ready to explode, during an Extreme Battle at Carrier Byron Taylor in Street Fighter 6.

  • Gimmick Effect: A bomb occasionally drops onto the stage and damages anyone nearby when it detonates.
  • Bombs Away Gimmick Tips:
    • Bombs Away is a game of Hot Potato, except everyone loses if they’re in the potato’s range. If the bomb comes your way, hit it toward your opponent. If it’s about to explode, create distance or get ready to block.
    • The bomb will follow you and your opponent while it’s in play. So you can’t avoid it forever.
    • You’ll know the bomb is about to explode because it will glow red. This is the time to make quick decisions.

Shock Zone

Guile and Blanka's Extreme Battle ends in a Double K.O. after both combatants get shocked by electrical prods at Barmaley Steelworks in Street Fighter 6.

  • Gimmick Effect: Two electrical prods will randomly descend onto the stage. Anyone caught between the two prods will get shocked.
  • Shock Zone Gimmick Tips:
    • Sometimes, the electrical prods will separate you and your opponent. In this case, it’s best to use a projectile or other zoning attack to hit them from a distance. Another option is quickly running past the prods with a Parry Drive Rush.
    • Unfortunately, there are times when the prods will corner you. When two fighters are in the corner, the prods will shock whoever is closest. So, in this case, the corner is the safest place. And if your opponent gets shocked while you’re against the wall, you can stage a comeback.

Mecha Friend

Met, from the Mega Man series, patiently waits for a command while Lily and Jamie fight on King Street in Street Fighter 6.

  • Gimmick Effect: Met, from the Mega Man series, will occasionally drop onto the stage. Whoever attacks Met first will get them to target and shock their opponent.
  • Mecha Friend Gimmick Tips:
    • Attacking Met too hard will fling them off the stage. So, hit Met with a light attack to get them moving.
    • Once Met finds a target, that target will not change. In other words, don’t try to hit Met after your opponent directs it toward you. Otherwise, you’ll shock yourself.
    • Met’s shock makes an excellent launcher for juggling attacks.

Lucky Drone

A red drone soars above Kimberly and DeeJay in a Rules And Regulations Match at Metro City Downtown in Street Fighter 6.

  • Gimmick Effect: A drone flies high in the air across the stage. The first player to attack it receives a surprise boost.
  • Lucky Drone Gimmick Tips:
    • Since the Lucky Drone flies above each fighter, you can only activate it with a jumping attack.
    • Anti-air attacks are an essential tool in Lucky Drone matches. Your opponent may try to jump in to hit the drone, so anticipating that with an anti-air is a fantastic punishment! An invincible anti-air, like Ryu’s OD Shoryuken, will let you attack the drone without opponent interference.

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