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Choices are a big part of Triangle Strategy. At multiple parts of the game, you’ll be forced to make big choices – which country to visit on a diplomatic mission, whether or not you hand over your best friend to an antagonistic force…

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It should come as no surprise, then, that there are multiple routes that you can take in the game. Some choices will change a battle or two, but some will change entire chapters. At the end of the game, a particularly important choice has you picking one of three routes that you’ll take until the credits roll. Or four, if you manage to unlock the golden route.

Updated June 13, 2023: We’ve revisited this article to make sure the information contained within is accurate and up-to-date, as well as including information about the recently added ‘Extra Chapter’.


The Golden Route, Explained

A screenshot showing Serenoa addressing a group in Triangle Strategy

Without giving you spoilers, the Golden Route is the fourth option at Chapter 17’s choice sequence that will only be available to you if you have met certain requirements.

Usually, you’d be forced to make a choice between one of your three closest allies: Benedict, Frederica, or Roland.

On the Golden Route, no such choice is forced, and you can keep them all close to you.

In addition, playing the Golden Route provides the following:

  • An extra story stage to fight through in comparison to the other routes.
  • The ability to recruit Avlora on this route’s version of Chapter 17.
  • Unlocks the Extra Chapter. This is available from the main menu after completing the game on the golden route and serves as an epilogue.

How To Unlock The Golden Route

Triangle Strategy Beginning Wolffort Serenoa

There are four prerequisites that you must meet if you want to be able to choose the Golden Route when you reach Chapter 17. We have separated them into four sections below.

In Chapter 17, if you’ve unlocked all the prerequisites, you must choose the dialogue option “There must be another way!” to start the Golden Route.

Chapter 7

In Chapter 7, you will be forced to choose whether you shelter Roland or hand him over to the Aesfrosti army. You can unlock the Golden Route on either path, but there are some conditions.

  • If you surrender Roland to the Aesfrosti, you don’t have to worry. You have fulfilled this requirement.
  • If you protect Roland, you will be thrust into a battle on the Wolffort Streets. In this battle, you must not use a single wildfire trap. You activate these traps by causing damage to any of the hawk statuettes – do not do this. If you use a wildfire trap, you cannot get the Golden Route.

Chapter 9/10

In Chapter 9, you have the choice to go along with Sorsley’s request and transport some illegal salt or travel to Hyzante to report him to the authorities. The second event required for the Golden Ending is only available if you choose the smuggling route.

Then, in Chapter 10, you will be given the chance to reveal Roland’s identity to Svarog. You must choose this route instead of keeping his identity a secret.

To sum up:

  • In Chapter 9, you must pick the Utility option to transport salt for Sorsley.
  • In Chapter 10, you must pick the Morality option to reveal Roland’s identity.

Chapter 11/12

In Chapter 11, you’ll be forced to choose whether you protect the Roselle or deliver them to Hyzante.

To unlock the Golden Route, you must Defend the Roselle and then succeed in finding the Key of the Roselle in Chapter 12.

Chapter 15

In Chapter 15, you’ll be given three options when it comes time to make a choice.

During this chapter, you must choose to return to Wolffort to tell Symon that Glenbrook has been reclaimed. You must not remain in the Crown City or travel to the Rosellan village.

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