Fortify Enchanting is a highly useful alchemical effect for Skyrim players. Players can gulp down one of these to easily enhance the powerful magic they apply to their armor and weapons. Additionally, making these potions can be worth it for the Septims alone. Not only does gear with higher-level enchantments fetch a higher price, but potions with this effect are also highly valuable. Churning them out can earn the player mountains of gold.

Though it looks complicated at first, crafting Fortify Enchanting potions can quickly become second nature. Whether the Dragonborn is looking for riches or for enhanced power, these tips should prove invaluable when it comes to increasing one’s Enchanting skill through Alchemy.


Updated June 14, 2023, by Demaris Oxman: Skyrim remains wildly popular more than 10 years after its release. Its fantasy world is easy to get lost in, allowing players to become anything from a noble knight to a powerful wizard to a stealthy assassin. The game’s crafting systems are just one aspect that help it feel immersive. Alchemy is among the most useful crafting skills, and this holds true even after all the game’s updates and additions.

One such change came with the Anniversary Edition, which brought new life to this open-world RPG. This special edition added a wealth of free content from the Creation Club to the game. Among these is the Rare Curios creation, which introduces over a hundred new items. Many of these are powerful alchemical ingredients, which players can use to create even more impressive potions than before. Considering that two of these ingredients have the Fortify Enchanting effect, this guide has been updated to include information on these rare items, and where they come from.

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The Fortify Enchanting Effect

Skyrim Arcane Enchanter

Potions of Fortify Enchanting do exactly what it says on the label. When the Dragonborn drinks these concoctions, the items they craft at the Arcane Enchanter will be more powerful than usual. Whether the player intends on selling their enchanted items or keeping them for themselves, stronger is always better.

The exact degree to which the enchantments are strengthened, as well as the length of the potion’s effect, are determined by the Dragonborn’s alchemy level. To boost the Alchemy skill, players can grind out potions or pay NPCs for training. Gear with the Fortify Alchemy enchantment will also increase the skill while the Dragonborn wears it, so be sure to equip any special gear before settling in for a potion-making session.

Fortify Enchanting Ingredients

Blue butterflu (top left), snowberries (bottom left), ash spawn (right)

As with any potion, these brews must start with the right components. Aside from the DLC ingredients, most of these can be purchased from alchemy vendors across Skyrim to save time. However, it can feel very rewarding (and help save money) to hunt down and collect the items oneself. Note, though, that some can be dangerous to track down. Novice or low-level players are recommended to stick with Snowberries, Blue Butterfly Wings, or Spriggan Sap, as these are the least hazardous to collect.

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Ancestor Moth Wing

Exclusive to the Dawnguard DLC, Ancestor Moths can be found only in the Ancestor Glade, which the player visits during the main Dawnguard questline. As with most DLC ingredients, this item is unfortunately not sold in shops. Most players tend to opt for ingredients that are easier to collect.

Blue Butterfly Wing

Blue butterflies are common throughout Skyrim’s temperate areas. Players can catch plenty of them in the wilderness outside Whiterun or Falkreath, though it may take a bit of legwork to chase them down. They’re generally quite cheap to buy at alchemy vendors as well.

Chaurus Hunter Antennae

Another Dawnguard ingredient, these drop from killed Chaurus Hunters. These horrific insects are like a flying version of a Chaurus, and resemble a giant preying mantis. Given the Chaurus Hunter’s propensity for spitting lethal poison and crushing the Dragonborn between its pincers, collecting this ingredient can be dangerous. Worse, it’s not sold in shops. Other Fortify Enchanting ingredients are much easier to get, but if players find themselves in Dwemer ruins and caves where Falmer and Chaurus dwell, they may get their hands on a couple. Notable locations include:

  • Blackreach
  • Mzulft
  • Darkfall Cave

Dreugh Wax

One of the many alchemical ingredients added in the Rare Curios creation club content, Dreugh Wax can be purchased from Khajiit Caravans. These traveling merchants roam all over Skyrim, and can frequently be found on the outskirts of Whiterun, Windhelm, Markarth, Dawnstar, Riften, and Solitude. Their stock rotates regularly, so players may need to track them down multiple times before the ingredients they want are available.

Players of Morrowind and Elder Scrolls Online may recognize the name as belonging to a semiaquatic, crustacean creature found in Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and the Black Marsh. However, there are no Dreugh in Skyrim, and thus the Dragonborn cannot harvest their wax for themselves.

Hagraven Claw

As the name implies, players can loot these from killed Hagravens, horrific bird-woman witch beings. Be careful going up against these creatures, as they use powerful destruction magic. If the Dragonborn isn’t up for the battle, they can buy Hagraven Claws at alchemy shops for a moderate price. But if they’re looking for a fight, Hagravens can be found at the following locations:

  • Dead Crone Rock
  • Hag’s End
  • Darklight Tower
  • Orphan Rock
  • Blind Cliff Cave

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These little red berries grow all over Skyrim’s northern regions, and are probably the easiest, safest Fortify Enchanting ingredient to track down. Players can usually forage a large amount in a short time simply by wandering the wilds of the Pale, Winterhold, or Hjaalmarch. They can also be bought cheaply from alchemy merchants, or taken for free if the player is on friendly terms with the vendor.

Spawn Ash

This is a Dragonborn-exclusive ingredient. Players can loot this strange dust from the remains of the Ash Spawn that wander the ash wastes on the southern half of the island of Solstheim. These creatures use powerful fire magic, so use caution when battling them. Alchemy shops on the mainland don’t sell this ingredient, but Raven Rock merchants sometimes do, particularly the alchemist Milore Ienith.

Spriggan Sap

Despite the name, this ingredient can’t be looted from Spriggans. Players must purchase (or steal) Spriggan Sap from various alchemy merchants. Generally, it’s not very expensive. If the Dragonborn is on good terms with a merchant, they may let the player take it for free. Spriggan Sap will also be included if the Dragonborn purchases an alchemy lab for Honeyside (in Riften) or Proudspire Manor (in Solitude).

Stoneflower Petals

Like Dreugh Wax, this ingredient was added with the Rare Curios creation and is only available for purchase from Khajiit Caravans. Thankfully, they’re not too expensive, but there is no way for players to gather this ingredient on their own. Morrowind players may recognize this rare flower, which appeared as an alchemical ingredient in that game. It seems the Khajiit’s travels have taken them to the home of the Dark Elves, and they’ve brought some rare goods back to Skyrim.

Skyrim character performing alchemy

If players are looking for a basic, no-frills Fortify Enchanting potion to make with two ingredients, the following combinations are good choices and produce no negative side effects:

  • Snowberries + any Fortify Enchanting ingredient
  • Spawn Ash + any Fortify Enchanting ingredient
  • Hagraven Claw + any Fortify Enchanting ingredient
  • Blue Butterfly Wing + Spriggan Sap

However, whether they’re being made for personal use or to sell, it’s always useful to work more than one effect into a potion. This increases the value, boosting both the player’s potential profit and their Alchemy skill gain. The combinations below are slightly more advanced and all produce multiple effects. Some are intended to create high profits, while others have effects that work well in tandem with Fortify Enchanting.

Ancestor Moth Wing + Blue Butterfly Wing + Chaurus Hunter Antennae

These three ingredients each have the same four effects. Thus, combining any two of these ingredients creates a highly valuable brew with the effects Damage Stamina, Fortify Conjuration, Damage Magicka Regen, and Fortify Enchanting. Considering the damaging effects, it’s not great for drinking, but it is great to sell.

Blue Butterfly Wing + Snowberries + Lavender

On the other hand, if the Dragonborn wants to take advantage of Fortify Conjuration as a bonus effect, this can come in quite handy when creating Soul Gems for Enchanting. Soul Trap falls under the Conjuration school of magic, and when enhanced by this potion’s effect, players will have an easier time trapping bigger souls for more powerful enchantments.

Lavender is plentiful in the grassy plains surrounding Whiterun. It is also commonly sold by alchemists, and found throughout the world in homes and kitchens. Friends of the Dragonborn will usually allow players to take their Lavender freely.

Spriggan Sap + Blisterwort + any Fortify Enchanting ingredient, OR Spriggan Sap + Dreugh Wax

Either of these recipes will provide the Fortify Smithing effect alongside Fortify Enchanting. The Dragonborn can use this to improve their most powerful weapon or piece of armor at a workbench or grindstone, then imbue it with magnificent magic.

To find Blisterwort, look in damp caves, or buy it cheaply from vendors. As one of the most common fungi in Skyrim, players shouldn’t have too hard a time tracking it down.

Hagraven Claw + Tundra Cotton + any Fortify Enchanting ingredient

This one is especially useful if players need to purchase lots of Soul Gems before an enchanting session, as it applies the Fortify Barter effect as well as Fortify Enchanting. Additionally, it gives the Dragonborn Resist Magic, which is helpful if they’re enchanting gear before charging off to battle vampires or Forsworn.

Tundra Cotton is plentiful in the wilds outside Whiterun — look for grass that appears to have little white tufts at the top.

Skyrim is currently available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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