Despite Street Fighter’s extensive lore, the series was never known for its story content. Even SF5’s “A Shadow Falls” paled in contrast to offerings from peers like Tekken and Mortal Kombat. However, Street Fighter 6’s story campaign, World Tour, creates an open-world RPG experience that promises the series’ most immersive adventure yet!

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But what does it take to master World Tour? After all, this mode integrates several RPG concepts that fighting fans cannot address with technical prowess alone. On the contrary, leveling up your avatar character requires extensive grinding, savvy resource-managing, and a vast arsenal of combat skills.


Grinding Is A Requirement

Chris fights Pierre, a Bronze Statue performance artist, in Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

It’s important to acknowledge that World Tour mode is an RPG with fighting game mechanics. So, having strong fighting skills won’t be enough to win. Even with stellar technique, if your avatar’s stats are low, you’ll get overpowered by your masters and high-level avatars.

So, instead of quickly rushing through each chapter, take your time to build up your abilities by engaging in avatar battles, collecting new gear, branching out your skill tree, and pursuing side quests.

Future story missions will become easier, and you may even find rare treasures, unlock new gear, and learn new attacks. Those perks will prove helpful once you challenge other avatars in the Battle Hub.

Use Master Actions To Explore Your Environment

Chris travels across the shop awnings of Chinatown with his Spinning Bird Kick in Street Fighter 6.

Watching other players putz around with Master Actions in the Battle Hub may lead you to believe these gestures are purely novelty. However, in World Tour, Master Actions are vital maneuvers for navigating hard-to-reach areas.

One Master Action you’ll utilize often is Chun-li’s Spinning Bird Kick. This signature aerial attack can carry your character midair, allowing you to move from one platform to another like a human helicopter!

Other actions, like Luke’s Rising Uppercut, are perfect for breaking down boxes and crates that contain zenny, items, and gear. In addition, if a denizen of Metro City tries to attack you from midair, Rising Uppercut makes a superb counter-attack to start your match-off with an advantage.

Many Items Are Only Usable Mid-Fight

The Item menu from the avatar battle pause menu in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode.

Have you entered your smart device to use an item, only to find out you can’t? Yeah, so did we. So, it’s back to the pizza parlor for us. Joking aside, many of World Tour’s power-up items are only consumable during an avatar battle.

In some regards, this restriction is a good thing since it’ll prevent you from wasting items until you genuinely need them. However, if you’re looking for an HP top-up, you’ll either have to throw down the zennies at a restaurant or engage in an avatar battle.

With this detail in mind, it will behoove you to track your resources between battles. For instance, is it worth saving a couple of hundred zennies to use that Energy Drink when you may need them in a future boss fight? Or is it wise to cut through a city street full of denizens if you waste several items in the process?

If you haven’t noticed, item management is another similarity that World Tour has to other RPGs. Unless you’re fighting in a traditional three-round match, don’t expect your HP to magically regenerate between bouts.

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You Don’t Have To Wear The Gear You Equip

Thank goodness Chris doesn't have to wear this revealing Sumo Belt to use its abilities in Street Fighter 6.

As you fight higher-level avatars, the rewards you can get will become more advantageous. For instance, while fighting on a Brooklyn Highline-Esque location in Metro City, we unlocked a Sumo Belt that added forty defense points to our avatar’s stats. That’s a significant boost!

But what if you don’t feel comfortable walking around in a Sumo Belt (don’t look at us, we like to show off the goods)? Fortunately, your avatar has two separate Gear sets:

  • Gear Effects: This is the gear that affects your avatar’s stats.
  • Gear Appearance: This is the gear your avatar will appear wearing in-game and to other players.

You can switch between gear sets by selecting the option at the bottom of the Gear tab in your smart device’s Status menu. So, go ahead, and equip the Sumo Belt. Who’s gonna know?

Part-Time Jobs Will Improve Your Fighting Skills

Street Fighter 6's Hado Pizza challenge displays a button command and an assortment of toppings.

Zenny makes the world go round in Street Fighter 6. So if you want to keep yourself well-fed, dressed to the nines, and on top of your World Tour errands, you should pick up part-time work. Not only do World Tour’s job minigames rake in good money, but they’re also a ton of fun!

Part-time jobs will task you with all sorts of challenges. And if you’re familiar with Street Fighter’s classic arcade bonus games, you’ll notice these jobs are similar. Furthermore, they’ll allow you to hone your fighting game proficiency. Here are some early examples of part-time jobs from Metro City:

  • Scrap Heap: This job requires you to demolish a giant trunk in a junkyard. It’s very similar to the classic car bonus match from SF2. Furthermore, an Overtime section grants extra points after you destroy the truck. Thus, Scrap Heap is perfect for practicing high-damage attacks and combos.
  • Kung Fu Target: This job in Chinatown requires you to break boards held by fellow Kenpo practitioners on all four corners of the screen. In addition, some boards demand several hits to break. This format makes Kung Fu Target helpful for studying spacing and attack range.
  • Hado Pizza: This pizza truck job requires you to assemble various pies via quick and precise button inputs. These inputs range from face button sequences to technical inputs similar to classic Street Fighter commands. If you’re struggling with input accuracy, play this minigame.

Expand Your Moveset By Building Master Relationships

Chun-li tells Chris how much she loves crepes during a conversation in Chinatown from Street Fighter 6.

One of World Tour’s most exciting features is its character-building mechanics, including customizable fighting styles, special moves, and super arts. Now, you can make the combatant of your dreams. Do you want Ryu’s Shinku Hadouken, Chun-li’s Spinning Bird Kick, and Luke’s Triple Impact all in one fighter? You can do that!

However, like any martial arts student, you cannot expect to perform whatever skill you want from the beginning. Instead, you must study these techniques under the mentorship of Street Fighter’s master characters. Furthermore, you’ll become more versed in their style as you get to know them better.

You’ll unlock a master’s fighting style and a move or two when you initially enroll under their tutelage. However, to unlock their complete move set, you must build your relationship with them by raising that master’s Style Level.

So, how do you raise your Style Level? Your Style Level grows whenever you use the respective character’s style in matches. Raising your Style Level for a specific character unlocks new conversations and skills, which you’ll get alerts for on your smart device.

To reveal these new conversations and skills, you must talk to your master in person at their home base. Completing further discussions with your master will introduce great perks. New skills are one perk. However, you’ll also earn texting privileges with your master and illuminating story moments.

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