Street Fighter 6 has been released to critical acclaim. The game is very welcoming to newcomers by providing brand-new control types and in-depth character tutorials. Even with all of these tools at their disposal players jumping in for the first time may be overwhelmed by all the fighting techniques and terms. This guide will explain the basics of grabs and throws.

The community and game will refer to these interchangeably. Grabs are an important part of every character’s move list, especially for the characters that utilize command grabs. Continue reading to understand how to throw enemies in Street Fighter 6.


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Basic Throws


Every character can use throws. Get within grab range of an enemy and press the light punch + light kick buttons at the same time to initiate a throw. These buttons will be A+X on Xbox gamepad and X+Square on Playstation. These inputs are the same on Street Fighter 6’s modern controls along with the LT/L2 button.

The range will differ with each character so experiment in training mode. Initiating a grab while pressing toward an enemy or in neutral will result in a forward throw, creating distance between fighters. Pressing away and grab will result in a reverse throw. This will pull the opponent and switch sides for both characters. If an opponent is “turtling” by hiding behind their guard it can be a good idea to get in range and throw them.


Players need to input a throw while their opponent is attempting to grab them to cause a throw escape. If both players attempt to throw at the exact same time, both characters will be instantly repelled from each other. Fans can use this to their advantage if an enemy is attempting too many throws.

Command Grabs


Certain characters, such as Zangief, have what are called command grabs. These are grabs that require move inputs like half circles or 360s and a button press. If players are using modern controls they simply need to press a direction and whatever button is assigned for special moves. Players need to dodge or block command grabs to avoid them.


Some characters use command grabs that read as a “hit.” For example, Manon’s Renversé throw counts as a move that hits high. Players simply need to block high to avoid this throw. Fans should check command lists for each character to know what moves they are using and as always spend time in the training room to master grabs.

Street Fighter 6 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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