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Gikaku Shrine is unlocked when you complete the Sky Mine Crystal Quest in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This shine is extremely high in the sky in the Akkala Region and requires a lot of Zonai power to reach it.

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As a crystal quest, this shrine makes you jump through a lot of hoops to get the reward. Completing the Sky Mine Crystal quest will unlock a Rauru’s Blessing, giving you a piece of Ruby and one Light of Blessing. If you need help getting to the crystal, this guide will cover the best route.

The Sky Mine Crystal Location

The Sky Mine Crystal is found on a sky island in the eastern section of the Akkala region. On your map of Hyrule, you’ll see a piece of the land swirls around and creates a circle.


Located directly above this little island is where you will find and trigger the Sky Mine Crystal Shrine Quest. The best way to reach this area is to launch yourself into the sky using the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and begin gliding.

The exact coordinates for sky island and Gikaku Shrine are 4509, 2160, 1155.

How To Reach Gikaku Shrine

As you glide, you’ll want to head to the east towards a floating island called the Sokkala Sky Archipelago.

Ignore the big main circular island, and go for the square on the right side of the archipelago.

Land here, and you’ll find plenty of Zonai devices to create a trusty sky vehicle for yourself.

One is already made and waiting for you but you should attach the rest of the big batteries and extra fans to it.

Position two fans at an angle on the back of the flying raft to give it some forward momentum.

Using your map, you want to aim for the east, where there is a cluster of islands. They are much higher up than where you start so you will need a lot of Zonai batteries to get there.

If you still can’t reach it, using a Large Zonai Charge while you’re flying up should see you to the island and reach Gikaku Shrine.

How To Unlock Gikaku Shrine

When you reach the sky islands above, you should interact with the shrine and begin the quest.

The crystal is directly above your position, and getting to it is no mean feat. From the shrine, turn around and go to the right. There is a ledge sticking out with a rune you can interact with.

Touch the rune and you will activate the mechanism on the outer ring of the platform. Now you can use it to launch yourself in the air.

In the very centre of the platform, you will see a mechanism you can push to move the launching pad around.

Position the launcher so that it is facing the next island above you that is closest to you.

Jump onto the launcher and land on the island above.

As you land, watch out for the soldier construct firing arrows at you from the right.

Kill it with a headshot to make short work of it.

Now, rotate this ring so the launcher is positioned towards the next island above you and to your right. Climb on and launch yourself to the next island.

On this island, ignore the large floating block with soldier constructs on it.

When you land, push the rotating mechanism to the right and position the launcher so that it is roughly underneath the floating platform.

Using Ultrahand, grab one of the large cubes nearby and place it on the launch pad to fire it into the floating block above you.

This will get it out of the way and you can get directly to the crystal.

Next, jump on and get launched into the sky. Follow the green light from the shrine to the small island and you’ll find the crystal.

Now all you need to do is drop it off the edge. It will fall not-so-gracefully down and it will land on the platform you started at, a few feet from the shrine.

Bring the crystal to the shrine and go inside. Open the chest for an exceedingly disappointing single ruby, and don’t ever forget to grab the Light of Blessing at the end.

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