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The Tabantha Sky Crystal Shrine Quest in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom puts you up against a Flux Construct boss. There is a way to avoid fighting it if you are quick enough.

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Getting the crystal from the Flux Construct will trigger the quest, which will eventually unlock Ganos Shrine, another Rauru’s Blessing-type shrine. If you need a quick and easy Diamond, the chest reward from this shrine is where you should go. However, reaching the Tabantha Sky Archipelago to begin the quest is a trial in itself.

The Tabantha Sky Crystal Shrine Quest Location.

The best way to reach this crystal is to launch into the sky from the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. As you go into the sky, start gliding north.


Eventually, you will enter the North Gerudo Sky Archipelago, which has a low gravity effect. Thanks to this low gravity, you’ll be able to get further than you would otherwise.

As you enter the low-gravity area, head to the first bit of land that will be almost directly in front of you if you glide north from the tower.

There will be soldier constructs here shooting at you and it will be cold so you need armour to increase your cold resistance.

Around the soldiers are Zonai Rockets. Attach them to a couple of your shields and launch into the sky by holding the Guard button.

These rockets will help help you get to the Tabantha Sky Archipelago, which is also a low-gravity zone.

Alternatively, with the Zora armour, you can use the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower past Rito Village to reach a sky island close to it by swimming up the waterfall.

Both methods require a fair amount of stamina.

Ganos Shrine Puzzle Solution

You want to land on the sky island located at these coordinates: -3552, 0589, 1437.

This will place you on a platform that has a pre-made flying machine and the crystal is across the bridge in front of you.

The crystal, however, is attached to a Flux Construct III. The good news is you don’t have to fight it if you don’t want to.

Simply grab the crystal from its back using Ultrahand and shake it free from the block it’s attached to.

Touch the crystal to start the quest and bring it back over to the platform with the flying machine. The Flux Construct won’t be able to do anything to you from that distance and will lose interest.

Attach the crystal to the flying machine and attach all the extra fans and batteries that are dotted around. You need a lot of upwards momentum, so position the fans all facing the floor.

Following the light of the crystal, you’ll see the shrine is far above you.

Start flying your machine and go directly upwards.

Keep flying up and try to get above the platforms to land.

You can stop the machine by stepping away from the control stick. It will float around but it should land on the platform. Take the crystal over to the shrine and go in for your reward: a single shiny Diamond.

Complete the shrine and grab the Light of Blessing to finish it off.

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