Street Fighter 6 is, undeniably, a complete product. It has a number of unique modes, it features an excellent single player mode that helps teach you the game, and it has a lively cast of well-designed characters, featuring both new and old characters alike. It truly is the most complete Street Fighter we have ever seen launch. In fact, it may be among the most complete fighting games. It is that feature rich.

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However, with all it has going on, it is easy to end up with a staggering amount of questions. Well, we’re here to help answer as many as we can. We’ll help you understand the monetization, how to alter settings, where to unlock costumes, and generally give you a full rundown. Let us answer those nagging questions so that you can get back to duking it out on the street.


What Is Included In The Different Versions Of Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Dhalsim spitting fire

The Standard Edition of Street Fighter 6 is true to its name. You will get the game and nothing else. The Deluxe Edition will give you a few extra colors and the first season of new characters. The Ultimate Edition, on the other hand, will get you the first season of new characters, as well as two costume packs. It does have the added bonus of coming with two stages, too.

Ultimately, we would recommend taking a look at the characters that come with the first character pass. If you think they look like interesting choices, then we think the Deluxe Edition is probably the version you should go with. The Ultimate edition, on the other hand, is for people who know they need every costume in the game. If you love your cosmetics, then the Ultimate Edition comes packing a bunch of ’em.

Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition

Ultimate Edition


59.99 (USD)

84.99 (USD)

104.99 (USD)

Base Game

Year 1 Character Pass

4 additional colors

4 additional costumes (Outfit 2)

4 additional costumes (Outfit 3)

2 additional stages

Extra Drive Tickets



Which Characters Are Included In The DLC?

StreetFighter6's Year 1 DLC.

The first season will include Rashid, Ed, Akuma, and A.K.I. For those unfamiliar, Ed and Rashid are two of the new faces found in Street Fighter V, Akuma is, of course, the brooding, angry, violent version of Ryu, and A.K.I is a whole new character that we know little about, though it seems likely that she will apply some of the poison-based gameplay elements that F.A.N.G used in Street Fighter V. Given her design, we suspect she will be considerably less goofy.

How Do I Change To The Classic Controls

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Change Control Type-1

While we think the inclusion of the Modern Control style is super neat, it is extremely frustrating for seasoned Street Fighter players. If you are looking to switch to Classic Controls there are a few places you are going to need to go.

  • For online matches, you are going to want to enter the multi menu, then enter the “Profile” menu, from there, enter the battle settings menu. Now, go to the “Character” tab. From here select any character you want and choose to “Update Character Settings”. Now, change the Control Type, and choose the option “Apply Control Type to All Characters” (the prompt is in the bottom left corner). Bingo, every last one of them will be set to classic controls!
  • For offline matches, you need to open up the Multi Menu, go to the “options” setting, enter the “controls” tab, and set “Player 1 Side Control Settings (Battle)” to Classic.
  • For World Tour mode, you do the same thing as you did for offline, but you change the input method for “Avatar battles” instead. Unfortunately, this option will be locked until you complete the first chapter of World Tour.

While this may feel like a bit much, at least you will never have to do it again once you have performed the above steps.

How Do I Change My Avatar’s Appearance?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, The Beauty Salon in Metro City

So, you made a monstrosity, did you? And now you can’t stand to look at it? Well, thankfully, you can change your avatar’s appearance in the World Tour mode. You just need to go to the Style Lab Beauty Salon, which is right next the Beat Square. It will cost you 1000 Zenny to change your appearance, but that is chump change in World Tour mode.

How Do I Change My Player Name?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Honda slapping the fourth wall

You can change your player name from the “Options” menu in the Multi Menu. It is in the “Game” tab.

How Do I Unlock The Alternate Costumes?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Ryu posing with his back to the camera

Well, the good news is that you can unlock the alternate costumes, the bad news is that it is going to take maxing out your relationship with the corresponding master in the World Tour mode. Otherwise, you are going to have to just pay up in Fight Coins, which is the currency you purchase with real money.

How Do You Get Fighter Coins?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Juri posing with an evil smile-1

While Capcom has said that we will be able to earn Fighter Coins as a reward, they haven’t shown us what we will need to do to earn that reward. At the moment, the only way to gain Fighter Coins is by purchasing them.

What Can I Buy With Drive Tickets?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Chun-Li looking to the left

If you enter the shop in the Multi Menu, you will see that Drive Tickets can purchase everything from emotes to costume colors.

Where Do I Get Drive Tickets?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Lily soaring down from the sky

You can earn Drive Tickets by completing the “challenges” you see in the “Rewards” section of the Multi Menu.

Is There A Battle Pass?

Street Fighter 6, FAQ, Getting punched in the face

Like so many of the newer games releasing these days, there will be a Battle Pass. However, we have no idea what it will include at this moment, or when it will be rolling out. However, we expect to know all of this sooner rather than later. Stay tuned!

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