Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers an incredible amount of character creation choices and endless replayability. With so many Skill trees to choose from, players are free to mix and match to create unique combinations that suit their playstyle. However, in a game like this, there is always room for more.

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For the veterans of the game, or those just looking to add a few more options, mod creators have added amazing Classes that rework the existing Skills or add new ones entirely. It is always fun to discover something new in a beloved game and experience it from a completely new perspective.



10 Hydrosophist Class Overhaul

Hydrosophist overhaul

The Hydrophist overhaul is a great option for players that are interested in refreshing an old and beloved Skill tree. With most of the spells reworked one way or another, the original kit feels very familiar, yet new at the same time.

On top of that, there are 15 completely new skills to choose from, dramatically increasing the possibilities for mages, and allowing for even more creative builds and ways to play the class. This mod also introduces Tridents: a water-themed, Intelligence based weapon that is a perfect fit for many mages, unlocking the true power of the ocean for players.

9 Pyrokinetic Class Overhaul

Pyrokinetic Class Overhaul

Another mod by Odinblade does a similar rework for the Pyrokinetic Skill Tree. Fire has always been a powerful and dangerous element in Divinity: Original Sin 2, and becomes even better through many tweaks and additional Skills.

This Mod also brings back some of the fan-favorite spells from the first game, such as the Burning Touch and Purifying Fire. Overall, Odinblade has done a stellar job with this and many other Skill Tree overhauls that rightfully can make their own list, which the community has been enjoying for years.

8 Chronomancer Class

Chronomancer Class

This mod does an amazing job at creating an entirely new array of skills, granting players the power to bend and manipulate time itself. The many new skills can be used to support allies as well as harm enemies. From boosts and heals, to great CC choices and devastating attacks.

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The animations look absolutely beautiful, with a magical, “sands of time” feel to them. For a mage build, this is actually a decent option to deal Physical damage, with certain skills even getting stronger the longer the fight goes on.

7 Valkyrie Class


The Valkyrie class is a great choice for players looking for a Norse-themed, warrior/support character. The mod adds 20 new skills, each with its own unique animations and particles. The class adds a great amount of utility, consisting of movement, buffs, and straightforward damage.

It works exceptionally well with Warfare, and brute strength stereotypes, as it does a lot to increase one’s power and prowess with physical weapons. It can be a great standalone character, or act as a support for the entire party.

6 Berserker Class


The Berserker is a whole new way to play a martial class. Capable of demolishing armies, Berserkers deal insane amounts of damage, paying for it with their own survivability. The class revolves around a new mechanic: Fury. Certain Berserker Skills apply Fury, and with every level of it, the character’s damage and critical chance increase, while their defenses go down.

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The risky playstyle is somewhat compensated by Bloodlust, a skill that adds Lifesteal to physical attacks. Overall, this is a great high-risk, high-reward character that makes melee fights that much more engaging.

5 Priest Class


As the name implies, the Priest is a support class that adds over 20 new skills to the game. The vanilla game doesn’t really have a dedicated “support” class as it is, with Hydrosophist being the closest possible option.

The Priest can be a great addition to almost any team, buffing and revitalizing their allies, and bolstering everyone’s morale and strength. In a pinch, there are also several damaging skills that do well to defend the party, as well as some unique spells that can, for example, completely banish an unholy creature back to where it came from.

4 Astronomer Class


The Astronomer is an intriguing mage class that adds two new schools of magic, revolving around the theme of the Sun and Moon. The two represent damage and utility, respectively. Sun spells can deal with devastating attacks, while Moon can bolster allies, as well as conceal and shield them.

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It is an incredibly complex playstyle, as it also introduces a Combination mechanic for this class. Upon combining spells from the two schools, they create completely new effects, which are under the Eclipse school. Overall it is an incredibly fun and rewarding class to play, especially for those looking to try out new magic systems.

3 Succubus Class


This class is incredible for those interested in charm, deception, and manipulation on and off the battlefield. With 18 new skills for players to master, this mod provides a lot of tools for players to experiment with, taking a fresh perspective on the battlefield.

The Succubus excels at life-stealing and controlling enemies, with a few buffs to share with the rest of the party. For the most part, this is a class that does not enjoy being in the front, preferring to wreak havoc from the shadows. At higher levels, they can even turn themselves into their true demonic forms, gaining extraordinary powers, and instilling fear and pain into their enemies.

2 Umbra Class

Umbra Class

This is a unique approach to an assassin archetype, with many interesting abilities and mechanics. Something that sets the Umbral apart is the ability to adapt their damage type on the fly, using the two forms: Order and Chaos.

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The two forms are responsible for different types of damage, as well as add unique effects to Umbral skills, depending on the currently active form. Overall this is a very powerful and mobile class that can easily take care of multiple enemies without ever getting out of stealth.

1 Spectre Class


Spectres are an interesting take on a Lich-type of character. It is interesting to note that the Spectre deals physical damage to their enemies, and prefers close combat. The abilities revolve around a new mechanic: Agony. Agony deals damage per round and stacks up to 5 times. Certain Spectre abilities interact with Agony in many different ways.

This class fits new players and veterans alike, as it adds something new and innovative, without taking anything away from the vanilla classes. This is a great way to spice up a playthrough and take a different look at mages altogether.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is available on the iOS App Store, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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