Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game that is filled with happiness and beautiful things all around, one of those things being sunflowers. The game has many different flowers, which can be used for crafting or decorating.

Sunflowers can make many things in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including fall-style items and the Companion home. This flower isn’t needed to complete any quest, but it will be required to craft items and decorate around the valley with happy yellow colors.

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How To Get Sunflowers


Some flowers can be found in two different biomes, but the sunflower can only be found in one biome, Dazzle Beach. It almost seems odd to find sunflowers growing on a beach, but somehow it works, making the beach feel even more summery than it already is, given obvious reasons.

Sunflowers can be picked from Dazzle Beach multiple times a day as they respawn every so often – making it easy for players to collect some up for the crafting recipes that require them. Keeping a stalk or two of every material on hand is always good because it is never known when it might be needed for a new idea or feature.

What Are Sunflowers Used For


Moving into what sunflowers can be used for, they aren’t worth selling. These flowers can only be sold for about 28 Star Coins from any of Goofy’s Stalls in the Valley. Sure, if a player has a bunch, it would help out, but it wouldn’t be worth collecting them up for that low payoff.

Some crafting recipes that can be made with sunflowers are Autumn Wreath, Cozy Companion Home, Medium Yellow Chest, Sunflower and Daisy Pot, White, Yellow, and Black Ballon Arch, White, Yellow, and Black Ballon Cluster, Yellow, Red, and Blue Flower Disk.

While the sunflowers might not be used for much else outside these craftable recipes, they can be really fun to decorate with, especially for those trying to make a cozy fall-themed valley. The yellow flowers show happiness and bring positivity forward, so they are an excellent choice for the valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers many different flowers to decorate with and find out about, but that’s everything to know about collecting sunflowers in the game. Head down to Dazzle Beach and see how many can be found.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is in early access now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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