Some Diablo 4 fans think that the Renown system needs a minor overhaul. Renown is a major Diablo 4 resource that grants rewards for exploring the main areas in the game. It can be used to gain Skill points, Paragon points, bonus XP, and gold and is a huge part of the game, which is why many players are concerned with some of the mechanics involving Renown.

While Diablo 4 only released on June 5, some fans are already commenting that some features need to be adjusted and that some old Diablo mechanics should be brought back. These improvements are being touted as quality-of-life measures that would make life in-game a little more comfortable. However, there are also some personal suggestions that fans want to see implemented to be able to make the game more enjoyable.


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In a Reddit post by kasikcz, they noted that Renown should not reset every season. Currently, Diablo 4‘s Renown does not carry over and will have to be re-earned once a new season starts. The concern stems from most people’s available playing time. With an expansive world and the time it takes to completely explore everything, having to reset every time would feel demotivating since the task is very demanding. The poster even mentioned that map exploration should also transfer to new characters on the same account to avoid tediousness.


Luckily enough, Diablo 4‘s Altars of Lilith will not reset each season, so that’s at least one part of the progress that gamers need not worry about. However, each new season brings a reset in a lot of aspects. Should players want to tackle the endgame of Diablo 4 in a new season, they will have to re-earn their skill points and upgrade their potions again. For players invested in the game but who do not have the luxury of time, this does sound a little counterproductive, especially considering that there are a few things and statistics that do not revert.

Diablo 4 seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. The stellar reviews the game has received have contributed to a high player base, and the trajectory only keeps going up. While the suggestions being discussed could indeed help shift the gameplay to even higher heights, these are mostly personal preferences and wishes shared from a few users’ experiences. Many Diablo 4 players will still enjoy the hustle and grind even without the proposed changes, as the title is a fun action-RPG romp that will take up many gamers’ playtime.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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