People around the world play all kinds of sports. Since the dawn of humanity, games have been a huge part of our history. Sports-based video games get a lot of traction on both consoles and PC, but the mobile market has started showing off just how fun they can be on a touch screen too.

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Sports like basketball, football, and rugby aren’t just limited to the real world. Now smartphones with decent specs can handle running something that feels decent to play. You’re no longer limited to just enjoying them on a big screen.



10 UFC Mobile 2

In-game Images From UFC Mobile 2

The sequel to a somewhat buggy PvP fighting game might be janky and slow, but it’s still just as good as the console version when it comes to providing you with a similar experience. The combat is fairly easy to engage with, and the combos aren’t that hard to pull off either.

The only problem is, it’s just not as satisfying to have to swipe again and again only for you to land a hit ages later. The game’s got a ton of fighters on the roster though, and it’s got an unlocking system that’s reminiscent of a gacha-game.

9 8 Ball Pool

In-game Images From 8 Ball Pool

With tight controls and nearly a decade of existence, 8 Ball Pool has consistently been the definitive mobile game to get a decent billiards experience. You get to choose from a large selection of cues and there are minigames that help you accumulate the chips required to play.

The game’s pretty fun on its own, but it even features different modes, including 9-ball and No Guidelines for purists. The physics are pretty on-point and some of the cues are rather quirky too, with their own unique gimmicks.

8 Darts Of Fury

In-game Images From Darts Of Fury

With surprisingly well-polished graphics and some rather fulfilling animations, this mobile game feels fun to play. You feel the thrill as you line up your shot and there are several ways to customize your darts.

The ladder isn’t an issue in this game since you match with opponents that usually carry the same gear you do. Despite how expensive some of the customization options are, the game isn’t really pay-to-win. You just need a little bit of luck and a good sense of familiarity with how far your darts can go.

7 Tennis Clash

In-game Images From Tennis Clash

Sometimes you swing, and other times you miss. Tennis Clash features some decent graphics and offers some simple gameplay mechanics that work surprisingly well with the touch screen. There’s barely any overwhelming UI that would bog you down.

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You can customize your racket, and gear, and train your player avatar. You decide how to level them up, and can even join a club or play with other players online. The swipe controls are easy to get familiar with and your character does most of the work for you anyway.

6 Ping Pong Fury

In-game Images From Ping Pong Fury

Despite only offering you a paddle to move around, Ping Pong Fury still feels like an engaging table tennis game with its swerve and spin mechanics. You might need some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be serving like a pro.

The graphics are great, the transitions are smooth, and almost everything’s animated fairly well. Not only that, you can upgrade your equipment, unlock new balls, and easily progress through the first few matches. It’s more about skill rather than the money you can dish out.

5 FIE Swordplay

In-game Images From FIE Swordplay

If you’re into fencing and games that are easy on the eyes with detailed stages and some easy-to-pick-up mechanics, then look no further. This fencing game puts you in the shoes of a rookie looking to make his mark on the world as you slowly inch your way toward the top.

The game features a story mode, and an online multiplayer mode as well. You can customize your gear, and level it up too. Though it may be rather fun to play, you’re going to end up getting matched with players who really know what they’re doing. It’s a great casual experience.

4 Hockey All Stars

In-game Images From Hockey All Stars

Fast-paced with fairly decent controls and animations, Hockey All Stars feels fresh. The game is easy to play, and after a simple tutorial, you’re all set to go. The unlocking and drafting system isn’t as rigged as you might assume either.

The UI takes a little bit to get used to but the music and sound effects are top-notch. You might have to wait a while before you’re allowed to play with other players online, though, which takes away some of the fun since the AI isn’t that great at giving you a challenge, but scoring actually feels like you’ve accomplished something.

3 NBA Live

In-game Images From NBA Live

This game requires a lot of patience and practice in order to win. The difficulty is high, and the AI can sometimes be rather relentless, hence it feels pretty rewarding to master the controls and dunk on your opponents once you get the hang of it.

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You get the chance to pick from a large list of teams, and you can even draft your own players once you accumulate enough in-game currency. They even let you play out some iconic moments from the sport’s history.

2 Boxing Star

In-game Images From Boxing Star

Don’t let the cartoony aesthetic put you off — this boxing game is surprisingly fairly decent and fun to play. The graphics are great, it’s well-optimized, and the music gets you pumped up. There’s a story mode with some well-written dialogue, and you even get to customize your characters once you progress far enough.

The game has several features that will keep you engaged, different modes, and a somewhat overwhelming UI to interact with. It features a tech tree and equipment upgrades, and you can even try crafting your own gear.

1 MLB 9 Innings 23

In-game Images From MLB 9 Innings 23

The game rewards you with some fairly polished graphics, decent music, and surprisingly complex mechanics. As long as you’re willing to put in the hours, you’ll get used to the timing and will be hitting home runs in no time. All you need to do is to make sure you tweak your settings and get familiar with the controls.

You have a limited amount of balls to play with, but you’re going to have a tough time burning through them since each game lasts a considerably long amount of time if you’re playing both attack and defense. The UI may be considerably overwhelming, and the tutorial barely conveys what you’re supposed to do, but once you’re smashing those balls, your hard work enduring through the steep learning curve will definitely pay off.

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