The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an almost perfect game in its own right, but its thriving modding community elevated it to one of the most replayed and popular games of all time. Players can find a mod to suit just about any need, from adding in a few extra items to completely overhauling the game’s systems.

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Armor will be a crucial part of any player’s journey through Skyrim, as it offers not just protection but also some serious style points as late-game options are unlocked. Mods can certainly help buff armor if needed, but where they really shine is bringing the game’s armor sets into the 2020s, with stunning reskins and spectacular custom sets. Here are some of the best armor mods to try out that can suit any player’s needs, from feeling like a Spartan warrior to looking like a Met Gala attendee.



10 Silver Dragon Armor

Skyrim Siver Dragon Armor Mod

One of the best single armor set mods out there, Silver Dragon Armor adds a new set of enchantable heavy armor to the game, which stands out as having been built entirely from scratch. The aesthetics of this new set are indisputably stunning, with long horns designed to make the player feel as much like a mighty dragon themselves as possible.

The armor is fully craftable and upgradable, with excellent armor ratings that exceed even that of the Daedric armor, so it’s definitely worth putting the time into unlocking the Advanced Armor and Draconic Armor perks, so it can be used to its full potential.

9 Masters Of Death – Rise Of The Brotherhood

Skyrim Masters of Death Armor Mod

Masters of Death also adds a whole new armor set to the game but goes one step further, adding several variants and reworking the Dark Brotherhood Assassin’s set so it much more lives up to the prestige of an assassin’s guild. The set is modeled around the iconic armor from Assassin’s Creed and is a serious upgrade to the Dark Brotherhood set as well as being stunning in its own right.

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The Sicarius Armor added is fully craftable and upgradeable through the ebony and advanced armor trees, which makes it accessible to all players regardless of build path. While some of the other armor options for sneaky builds can leave something to be desired, this is definitely one to pick up as soon as possible.

8 Daedric Reaper Armor

Skyrim Daedric Reaper Armor Mod

Perhaps the most threatening armor set to be added in a mod is the Daedric Reaper Armor, which lives up to exactly what the name might suggest. While the vanilla Daedric set certainly looks the part, this new set offers a massive upgrade that will send even dragons running for the hills, and allow players to fulfill their dark destinies.

This armor set comes with plenty of options depending on preferences, including full and more revealing sets for both genders, all of which fit the theme of the mod perfectly. It will require some grinding for resources to craft these sets, but all players will need is the crafting manual that comes with the mod to get started, and no additional perks and required.

7 Raven Witch Armor And Apex Werewolf

Skyrim Raven Witch Armor Mod

While this mod might appear to cover a few unrelated areas, Raven Witch Armor and Apex Werewolf plugs a couple of gaps that vanilla Skyrim leaves, in dedicated female armor and werewolf aesthetics. The Raven Witch Armor is a stunning plague-doctor-themed set designed exclusively for female Dragonborn, which may not have high base ratings, but this is more than made up for by the look of this set.

Apex Werewolf completely overhauls the look of the vanilla werewolf, adding a high-resolution and considerably more imposing version that will likely make players want to stay in the state for as long as possible. This is a mod that accomplishes all of its goals perfectly, even though it might seem a little all over the place by the description.

6 Lost Paladins Of The Divines Wrath

Skyrim Lost Paladins of the Divine Wrath Mod

True veterans of The Elder Scrolls may remember the Lost Paladins armor mod for Oblivion, and now the community has brought the set into the latest Elder Scrolls addition, Skyrim, with a revamped look that does not disappoint. The mod features sets for both genders of Dragonborn, as well as horses, so players can ride into battle fully stacked.

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The beauty of this mod comes with the lore associated with the set, which adds a level of depth rarely seen in mods for Skyrim or in the modding community in general. It also comes with matching weapons and several options for each set, so players can score exactly their desired look based on their preferences.

5 Realistic Armor

Skyrim Realistic Armor Mod

Realistic Armor does exactly what it says on the tin, transforming the theme of Skyrim armor to a more realistic one themed around Nordic armor. This also changes the armor for bandits and other enemies, making them much warmer and closed to fit with the theme of the landscape, which makes the game feel a lot more grounded and medieval.

This mod works perfectly with other realism mods and can make survival mode feel even more grounded in reality. While it does sacrifice some of the aesthetics of the armor sets it replaces, it perfectly accomplished the goal of making Skyrim a much more immersive experience.

4 Amidianborn Book Of Silence

Skyrim Amidianborn Book Of Silence Mod

The Amidianborn Book of Silence is a massive retexture mod, that overhauls a ton of the apparel and weaponry available in vanilla Skyrim. These new high-quality textures have been redesigned from the ground up and overhaul almost all the armor and weapons available in the vanilla version of the game.

As well as the armor and weapon sets being reworked, most of the unique apparel and weapons also receive stunning new textures, including dragon priest masks, most Daedric artifacts, and more. For players looking to improve their Skyrim experience without changing the game’s mechanics, this is the perfect mod.

3 NordWarUA’s Race Armor Expansion

Skyrim NordWarUA's Race Armor Expansion Mod

Race-specific armor sets can leave a lot to be desired in Skyrim, with sets like the Orcish, in particular, crying out for some more detail and variety. NordWarUA’s Race Armor Expansion adds 6 new Orcish sets, 3 each of light and heavy armor, as well as two Thalmor sets, so that the non-human races of Skyrim can look fully decked out.

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The mod also comes with the optional addition of retextures for Orcish and Thalmor weaponry, to fully complete the look. This adds some much-needed variety to the aesthetics of Orcs and Elves, to make the medieval fantasy really come to life.

2 Horse Armors SSE

Skyrim Horse Armors SSE Mod

Horse Armors SSE is the biggest visual upgrade to horses any player will ever need, replacing each hold’s purchasable horse with a unique armored version. This not only protects the Dragonborn’s horse, turning them into a tank that can take on any bandit camp but also makes them look fantastic, with the ability to match the horse’s armor to that of the player.

The mod is also compatible with Better Horses, and when paired together they make horses a pet to be reckoned with along with providing a ton of quality-of-life upgrades. The pinnacle of the custom armor might just be the Daedric Themed armor for Shadowmere, making him look even more terrifying than before.

1 Immersive Armors

Skyrim Immersive Armors Mod

A mainstay of the list of most popular Skyrim mods of all time, Immersive Armors adds a massive collection of new armor sets and materials with which to craft them, all fully integrated into the world. It provides exciting new armor sets for players of all levels, along with a huge collection of new shields.

This is one of the best mods to add to the Skyrim experience without breaking the immersion or balance of the game, as all sets fit seamlessly into the world and the lore. There is also a ton of other clothing options added including eyepatches, capes, and more, so character customization is a far more rewarding experience.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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