Career Mode is one of the most fun parts of FIFA 23, and a fair portion of the community likes to engage in the act of managing the different clubs. You can pick any of the teams in the game and take them to success by signing the right players.

FIFA 23: Best Young Left Backs To Sign In Career Mode

When managing those clubs that do not have considerable funds to spend, you will have to be stingy with your signings and get those hidden gems that are not valued much but have the potential to grow. With the different tiers of football in England having probably the most talented footballers, the following section lists the finest hidden gems you may find there.

The list only includes those players that play in the four tiers of English football present in FIFA 23



10 Gabriel Slonina, Chelsea

An image of Gabriel Slonina in FIFA 23

Gabriel Slonina emerged as one of the most talented young goalkeepers in football, and Chelsea signed the player in real life in August 2022. However, he hasn’t played for the club yet, and he can be an excellent signing for your team in FIFA 23 and could sort out the GK role.

EA has given him a superb rating of 66, and he has the potential to rise to 81. You will have to spend around €1.5-2 million to get his services, and you may try a loan-to-buy move if you don’t want to directly splash the clash.

9 Emre Tezgel, Stoke City

An image of Emre Tezgel in FIFA 23

Emre Tezgel is an up-and-coming striker playing for Stoke City, and he made his debut in January 2022, becoming the youngest player to appear for the club. He could be the perfect hidden gem for the striker position, and thanks to his pace, shooting, and dribbling, he can help you score some goals.

Purchasing Emre Tezgel would be very cheap in the first few seasons, given that he starts at an overall rating of 56. Nonetheless, he would grow considerably as the seasons pass since he has a potential of 82.

8 Ashley Phillips, Blackburn Rovers

An image of Ashley Phillips in FIFA 23

Finding a hidden gem for the centre back position could be challenging, and you can sign Ashley Phillips if you want someone to fill that role. The young prospect has a rating of 60 inside the game and a base potential of 82, making him quite decent after five to six seasons.

Surprisingly, the defender is pretty quick for the position, which will certainly aid you when encountering pacey attackers or when the opponents are on the counter-attack. You may improve his passing by putting a development plan and making him a ball-playing defender.

7 Rory Wilson, Aston Villa

An image of Rory Wilson in FIFA 23

Apart from Emre Tezgel, Rory Wilson can be another wonderful player for the striker role, and the talent is viewed to be the future of Scotland’s attack. He features a rating of 59 in FIFA 23, and you can use him when rebuilding the clubs in the lower tiers.

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Looking at his potential, he can go up to 83, and you can consistently play him to make him reach the same. With good performances, he may even surpass that potential and become a force to be reckoned with.

6 Julio César Enciso, Brighton

An image of Julio Cesar Enciso in FIFA 23

Brighton is well-known for finding prospects from across the world, with Julio César Enciso among them. He has already scored some beautiful goals in the Premier League, and getting him in Career Mode could be a fantastic decision that you can make.

He begins at an overall rating of 66, while his potential in the game is 83. You can play him on both sides of the wings, and the Paraguayan also can perform excellently at the attacking midfielder spot.

5 Luke Mbete, Manchester City (Loaned To Bolton)

An image of Luke Mbete in FIFA 23

Luke Mbete can be an ideal signing to strengthen your backline, with quality left-footed centre-backs being quite rare. The 63-rated player is physically strong and has good pace and defending stats in FIFA 23, which is why signing him could be a no-brainer.

In terms of overall potential, Luke Mbete can reach 82, and you can nurture him over the seasons to become a top-class player. Regardless, because he is loaned out in the first season, you will have to wait for the second season to make an approach to sign the young defender.

4 Archie Gray, Leeds United

An image of Archie Gray in FIFA 23

Archie Gray is the kind of fresh blood your team needs for long rebuilds when managing low-tier clubs. The player possesses a decent rating of 60 within the Career Mode and can reach the mark of 84, sufficient for any team to win the big titles.

He will be perfect for the centre midfield role and help you control the game from the middle of the park. Besides this, he also is outstanding on the offence, so converting him to an attacking midfielder could be a splendid decision.

3 Kobbie Mainoo, Manchester United

An image of Kobbie Mainoo in FIFA 23

Manchester United stands out as arguably the best team in English football, and they have always produced great talents. Kobbie Mainoo is the next generation of talent created by the club, and he can be a great purchase due to his versatility and the roles he could play.

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Even though the talent has been primarily provided with the position of CAM, he can essentially play all the places in the midfield, be it CDM, CM, or CAM. Speaking of Kobbie Mainoo’s numbers, he has a rating of 62 in FIFA 23, whereas his potential is 84.

2 Ben Doak, Liverpool

An image of Ben Doak in FIFA 23

Ben Doak made his league debut for Liverpool in December 2022, officially becoming the youngest Scottish player to play a Premier League match. You can sign him in FIFA 23’s Career Mode as a winger to liven up your team’s attack and become a threat to the opposing team.

The player has been given a rating of 62 and is pretty fast with the ball, allowing you to breeze past the opponent’s defenders. On the other hand, his potential is 84, and you will cross the mark of 70 in two to three seasons.

1 Lewis Miley, Newcastle

An image of Lewis Miley in FIFA 23

Lewis Miley is the hot prospect of the Newcastle side that secured themselves a Champions League spot following the 2022-2023 season. He has a rating of 60, and you can best use him as a CDM, CAM or LM for your club in the Career Mode.

Coming to his potential, the hidden gem can climb up to 84, and you will not have to worry about signing an aggressive-minded midfielder if you manage to get him. Furthermore, it wouldn’t cost much to acquire the wonderkid, and all the money spent on him would undoubtedly be worth it.

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