Power your mobile photography and videography with the latest Molus X60 lights from Zhiyun and illuminate your scenes with cinematic 60W lighting.

The X60 series comes in two versions, the standard Molus X60 and the enhanced Molus X60 RGB, which differ in terms of color temperatures and color rendering authenticity. The lights are equipped with a handy dual-dial control that allows you to effortlessly adjust their color temperature, mode and brightness.

The whole thing is  highly portable, measuring similar to a credit card in height and weighing in at just 313 grams (319 grams for the X60 RGB). By comparison, your iPhone 15 Pro weighs 221 grams. Despite being palm-sized, these lights pack quite a punch and support app-enabled control for creative lighting possibilities.

Lighting on demand: Zhiyun unveils new 60W lights

Portable lights usually have trade-offs, like overheating and poor color reproduction. No such worries with the new Molus lights, as they’re equipped with the DynaVort Cooling System MKⅡ to keep them running cool.
Three-quarters rear view of Zhiyun's Molus X60 RGB light, set against a dark blue gradient backgroundThe X60 series uses COB technology (the abbreviation of chip-on-board) which directly attaches LED chips onto a highly reflective metal substrate, resulting in higher brightness, lower power consumption and a higher-quality beam.

Speaking of color reproduction, the standard X60 hits color temperatures between 2700K and 6500K, a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 95, a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 97 percent or higher. As a bonus, it doesn’t flicker.

For even higher color fidelity, the enhanced X60 RGB produces pure white light and gives you full control over color reproduction across the full RGB spectrum.

App-enabled lighting

Some versions of the Molus come with a detachable battery that provides 50 minutes of runtime. The battery has a USB Power Delivery port for fast charging (while in use) via an 18W or higher USB-C charger. You can also connect your light to the included power adapter for longer sessions, like outdoor photography.
Front view of Zhiyun's Molus X60 RGB light, set against a dark blue gradient backgroundBoth lights are fully compatible with Zhiyun’s ZY Vega app, which allows you to wirelessly adjust their brightness and color temperatures.

The app includes presets optimized for specific setups such as live streaming, interviews, commercial shoots, etc. For the Molus X60 RGB, the Zhiyun ZY Vega app supports lighting effects that simulate weather conditions such as rain and thunderstorms. The app can even make your lighting dance in harmony with music.

For more info, visit the Zhiyun website.

Accessorize for the Molus X60 series

You can accessorize your X60 and X60 RGB with accessories like a compact diffusion dome, a reflector, a softbox and a storage bag by opting for a Combo or a Pro bundle. You can also buy these and other accessories later.
Marketing image showcasing Zhiyun's Molus COB mobile lightingFor instance, you may consider Zhiyun’s ZY Mount system that lets you combine your Molus with Bowens-mount light modifiers for demanding shoots.

The standard package includes one light body with an LED light and a DC power adapter with a mesh pouch bag. The Combo bundle adds a grip battery with a USB-C charge cable and a storage bag for everything, while the Pro version adds a second spare battery and a softbox for directing the light.

Pricing and availability

The standard Molus X60 is $199, and the enhanced X60 RGB is $249. The X60 Combo bundle is $329 and the X60 Pro version is $399, while the X60 RGB Combo and X60 RGB Pro cost $269 and $329, respectively.

The lights are available to purchase via the official Zhiyun web store and are slated to arrive at Zhiyun’s Amazon store sometime later. Add the promo code X60PR10off at checkout to get a 10 percent discount from March 20 to April 30.

Zhiyun also recently launched its Crane M3S and Weebill 3S gimbals. Zhiyun is among the brands that concisely make our list of the best gimbals for iPhone.

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