The excellent accessory makers at WaterField out of San Francisco are back with a plush and padded travel case for Apple Vision Pro. Vision Pro Shield Case is half the size and a fraction of the cost of Apple’s travel case. It also features an exterior zipped pocket unlike other Vision Pro bags we’ve seen so far.

Vision Pro Shield Case comes in two material options, vegan and leather, that are priced at $159 and $179, respectively. It really is a more compact lunchbox-like travel tote compared to the equally awesome but bulkier travel case from Apple.

It comes in four colorways for leather and two colors for vegan. You can add-on an option shoulder strap for $20.

The only hitch? WaterField products are handcrafted in San Francisco, and Shield Case has sold out of the first production run after a few hours. However, the fine folks at WaterField are taking orders for the next round of inventory with units shipping at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, here’s everything Vision Pro Shield Case can tote:

Vision Pro in-the-box accessories: 

  • Apple Vision Pro with Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, Solo Knit Band
  • Light Seal Cushion (extra)
  • Dual Loop Band
  • Cover
  • Battery
  • USB-C Power Adapter
  • USB-C Charge Cable
  • Polishing Cloth

Plus, additional accessories: 

  • Zeiss Optical inserts (two)

Ready to hit the road or at least not bang up your Vision Pro in your backpack? Order WaterField’s Vision Pro Shield Case sooner than later to get your hands on one before ship dates slip again.


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