TrollStore, a perma-signing utility for iPhones and iPads that harnesses a CoreTrust exploit in iOS & iPadOS versions 14.0-16.6.1, 16.7 RC, and 17.0 to permanently install any .ipa file that you open with it without the re-signing requirements that come with sideloading, was updated this Friday evening to version 2.0.12.

TrollStore v2.0.12 released.

Project lead developer Lars Fröder (@opa334dev) announced the latest update in a post shared to X (formerly Twitter), in which he revealed that TrollStore v2.0.12 adds the following changes:

– Add an option to launch an app with JIT (only shown when the app has the get-task-allow entitlement) (Contributed by @khanhduytran0)
– Add a URL scheme to launch an app with JIT (apple-magnifier://enable-jit?bundle-id=<Bundle_ID>), this can allow a sandboxed app to semi-automatically get JIT, it will switch to TrollStore and then back to the app with JIT enabled (only works when URL scheme is enabled in TrollStore settings) (Contributed by @khanhduytran0)
– Fix a UI bug where icons of newly (un)installed applications would not update until restarting TrollStore if an icon had already been previously caches

The latest update appears to be mostly tailored around JIT features. Fröder said that while TrollStore-installed apps could’ve already had JIT capabilities before today’s update, the major differentiator is that it only worked with unsandboxed apps, while today’s update allows JIT to work without having to be unsandboxed.

If you’re an existing TrollStore user, then it’s recommended that you download and install the latest version at your earliest convenience. There’s an easy update button in the TrollStore app itself that you can tap on to install the latest update with little effort on your part.

If you’re not already using TrollStore, then you should download and install the latest version when installing it for the first time. The .ipa file is available as a free download from the project’s GitHub page and can be installed using any of the aforementioned methods:

Are you running the latest version of TrollStore yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

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