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Weekly jailbreak news roundup.

Not only do we cover news as it happens, but we come back every Sunday with a roundup just like this one to ensure that our readers have the resources to find what they’re looking for if the work week keeps them too busy to read it all with us in real time.

In today’s roundup, we’ll talk about the latest news spanning the week of Monday, January 22nd to Sunday, January 28th. So let’s dive right in.

Important stuff from this week

TrollStore for Apple TV

TrollStore on the Apple TV.

TrollStore has been officially released for Apple TV, with Misaka for tvOS being the official installation vector as of right now.

The new feat means that it’s finally possible to permanently-sign apps on the Apple TV, which is a lot more convenient than sideloading.

You can learn more about TrollStore for Apple TV in our full news post.

RootHide bootstrap updates

RootHide Bootstrap.

The RootHide Procursus-based bootstrap has been out of beta for about a week now, but that hasn’t stopped the development team behind it from continuing to improve it with updates.

You can learn about the latest RootHide bootstrap updates below:

RootHide & Procursus teams join forces

Procursus logo.

The RootHide development team joined up with the Procursus team this week in a surprising move after both groups found themselves in a disagreement over the RootHide bootstrap’s use of the table in their app icon.

This new change will benefit both developers and jailbreakers alike, as it will help bring RootHide up to speed with the traditional rootless paradigm and make more packages compatible with the bootstrap.

You can find out more about the RootHide and Procursus team merger in our full news post.

TrollStore updates

TrollStore banner image.

The TrollStore perma-signing utility received updates this past week that improve the user experience and add new features for supported devices.

You can learn more about what’s new in the latest updates below:

Misaka for tvOS updates

Redesigned Misaka for tvOS.

The Misaka package manager app for tvOS received updates this week to improve the Apple TV user experience of the app.

You can learn more about the latest updates below:

Meowbrek2 updates

meowbrek2 semi-untethered re-jailbreaking utility for palera1n devices on iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.7.2.

The meowbrek2 semi-untethered jailbreak tool and re-jailbreaking utility for arm64 devices running iOS & iPadOS 15.x, picked up some updates this week that are worth mentioning.

To learn more about what’s new, check out the update posts below:

TrollStar updates

TrollStar TrollStore installer app user interface.

The TrollStar TrollStore installer for arm64e devices running iOS & iPadOS 16.0-16.6.1 received updates this past week that improve the user experience and open-source the project.

You can learn more about what’s new in these updates below:

How to install TrollStore with TrollStar

TrollStar app icon.

TrollStar is a newer TrollStore installation method that works on arm64e (A12+) devices that run iOS & iPadOS 16.0-16.6.1 firmware.

Your friends at iDB show you how to install TrollStore on your compatible device using TrollStar in our full tutorial post.

Linebit Theme

Linebit theme banner.

Linebit is a beautiful new theme for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices that users vibrantly colorful linear-style app icons.

Linebit supports 400 app icons right out of the box, and the developer provides frequent updates to include more app icons.

You can learn more about Linebit and where you can get it from in our full review post.

Everything else from this week

FlixRatings for Netflix v3.2.1 released: Fix for the enhanced rating not appearing properly in Netflix 16.x ($1.99 via Havoc repository — review post)

IAmLazy v2.6.0 released: Updated app UI, merge backups into the restore tab, move credits, split backup type triggers, fix edge case resulting in directories being skipped, faster backup time, debug mode added, code cleanup, and more (free via Chariz repository — review post)

LetMePass: Lets YouTube app users on older firmware bypass the annoying “Update Required” pop-up (free via 0xilis’ repository — review post)

Lock Master: A jailbreak tweak for customizing your iPhone or iPad’s locking animations and sounds (free via leminlimez’s GitHub – review post)

VolumeFLEX: Another FLEX loader (free via Havoc repository)

WeChatNoAds: Hides ads from the WeChat app (free via Havoc repository)

YouPiP v1.8.2 released: Fixes crash on YouTube v19.03.2 and later (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

YouTube X v1.4.3 released: Block YouTube upgrade dialog (free via PoomSmart’s repository — review post)

YTABConfig v1.5.1 released: Fixes crash on YouTube v19.03.2 and later (free via PoomSmart’s repository — review post)

YTUHD v1.4.2 released: Fixes crash on YouTube v19.03.2 and later (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

YTVideoOverlay v1.1.4 released: Fixes crash on YouTube v19.03.2 and later (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

Zetsu v1.5 released: Brings this popular windowed multitasking experience to the Charis repository (free via Chariz repository – review post)

Well, you’ve made it to the end of this week’s iPhone jailbreak and hacking roundup, but we promise that we’ll continue to post about new things as they happen as the week goes on and cap off with another roundup like this on next Sunday.

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And here are some extra tutorials that could help you install hacks and jailbreaks on your devices:

What was your favorite jailbreak tweak release or iPhone hacking tidbit from this past week? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.

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