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Pillowcases are more versatile household helpers than we give them credit for. In addition to protecting your pillows from your night sweats, they can help you keep things a little neater around the house. Here are three ways to repurpose yours.

Sort your laundry: Pillowcases make excellent laundry sorters. After stripping your bed, stuff all of your bedding into a pillowcase so you make sure it all gets into the same load of laundry. After removing it from the dryer, put it back so you won’t wind up digging through all of your clean clothes in search of a missing sham. You can also use pillowcases to sort lights and darks, anything that needs special care, or items belonging to different members of your household. Even if they all get washed together, it’s a good storage and transportation option that will also compel you to wash your bedding more often.

Dust your ceiling fan: As we’ve previously suggested, you can use a pillowcase to clean the blades of your ceiling fan without spreading dust everywhere. Once the fan is powered off and has come to a complete stop, slip a pillowcase over each blade, tighten your grip around the opening, and pull it toward you, scraping all the accumulated dirt into it as you go.

Keep your dog’s bed clean: Your pup probably doesn’t sleep with a pillow, but the case can still help you keep their sleeping area neat. As suggested by In the Know, putting a pillowcase over your dog’s bed will make cleanup easier. You don’t have to lint roll or wash the bed itself if you have a protective cover over top. You can even change the case to match your seasonal decor.

Durable, inexpensive pillowcases for all your household needs

For pillowcases you may use for transportation, dog bedding, or cleaning, you want something durable and inexpensive. Try these:

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