Did you know you can turn your home into a smart home for less than $15? Well, sort of. Meet the Kasa Smart Plug Mini. It connects to your wireless network, so all you have to do is plug it into your outlet, and then plug in a lamp, fan, space heater or other device, and you’ll be able to remotely control it. You can use voice commands, set a custom schedule, and monitor its energy output, and right now you can do it all for just $11.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Easy set up and use – just plug into an outlet and connect to your (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi network
  • Smart features include voice control, scheduling, sort actions, group control, and away mode
  • Energy monitoring can tell you how much a device is costing you to run each month
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT – no native HomeKit support, though there are workarounds
  • Super safe – the Kasa plug is UL-listed with flame retardant shell, double ground pin contacts and nickel-plated phosphor bronze contacts
  • Product has a 4.5-star Amazon rating on nearly 20K reviews
  • This is more than 50% off the retail price

See at Amazon for $11

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