For those without a Vision Pro, this free app from Softorino simplifies transferring and watching Apple’s immersive spatial videos on Meta’s Quest headsets.

Marketing image showcasing the Spatial Viewer iPhone and Oculus apps
You need both the Oculus app and its iOS companion | Image: Softorino

Apple’s headset has made stereoscopic 3D video a “thing” after the format failed to take off on 3D TVs. Everyone with an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max can capture stereoscopic 3D video in Apple’s immersive spatial video format.

However, if you can’t justify burning $3500 on Apple’s headset, Meta’s $500 Quest headset is the best alternative to enjoying spatial videos. Introducing Spatial Viewer, a new app from Softorino (the brains behind WALTR) and VR developers at Vision Lab that simplifies transferring spatial videos from any source to your Quest.

Spatial Viewer: The easiest way to convert and play spatial videos on your Meta Quest

Meta supports sending spatial videos from the Quest iPhone app but is fairly limited because it can only upload videos from the official app.

As explained in this Reddit post, if a friend or family member sends you spatial videos or you want to upload videos and photos to a gallery to view them in your Quest, you need an app like Spatial Viewer. With it, you can easily convert your spatial videos into immersive 3D formats playable on your Meta headset.
Selecting spatial videos to share in the Spatial Viewer iPhone appFirstly, you’ll use the iOS app to transfer spatial videos in your iPhone’s camera roll to a Quest headset. Simply select some spatial videos in the app, then choose Send to Drive from the Share menu. The app will then go to work, automatically converting the videos for you to enjoy on your Quest in a life-size scale.
The Spatial Viewer iPhone app uploading a spatial video to Google DriveSecondly, you’ll open Spatial Viewer on your Quest and the videos synced via your Google Drive will all be right there, ready to be watched in stereoscopic 3D.

For further info, visit the official Spatial Viewer page.

How to get Spatial Viewer

Splash screen in the Spatial Viewer iPhone app

If you have an iPhone 15 Pro and Meta’s Quest headset but no Vision Pro, give Spatial Viewer a whirl. You can download the Oculus app from the Meta Quest store and the companion iOS app vioa the App Store. Both apps are free to download and use without any subscription walls or paid upgrades getting in the way.

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