Four years ago, I was wowed by the experience that Pocket Rocket provided on the iPhone and iPad. The ARKit-powered rocket visualizer app excelled at bringing augmented reality rockets to life in your environment. Fast-forward to now and Pocket Rocket has officially taken off on Apple Vision Pro.

Pocket Rocket for Apple Vision Pro

The time jump is both a reminder of how far the state-of-the-art AR technology has come as well as a testament to the experiences Apple Vision Pro can create.

For now, Pocket Rocket on iPhone and iPad is far more available than the version that runs on the $3,499 headset. Still, there’s seeing a virtual rocket through your phone or tablet screen, and there’s seeing the whole thing span your environment with your own eyes.

“Pocket Rocket for Vision lets us deliver the full promise that the original iOS could not: Being able to stand side by side with a spaceship, REALLY feel like you’re there with it, and fully comprehend just how massive and incredible these vehicles are,” says Tim Isenman, the team leader behind Pocket Rocket.

The app has always been more than just a rocket visualizer, too. From tracking upcoming launches to referencing historical launch data, Pocket Rocket is a must-have tool for any space enthusiast. Pocket Rocket for Vision Pro goes a step further by being the best way to experience a launch remotely.

“We’ve built theatrical experiences with 360 video that fulfill the fantasy we all have of space exploration, and building machines that let us do it,” Isenman says. “You can watch a launch right next to a rocket, or sit outside the ISS as it orbits the earth.”

All the launch tracking bits are still included on visionOS. Vision Pro just happens to unlock the ability to hold rockets in your hand or stand side-by-side with a rocket at scale in your own environment. Honestly, Pocket Rocket turns Apple Vision Pro into the best portable rocket garden on the planet. Check it out today.

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